Tricks FarmVille 2: Money, Experience and Possessions

FarmVille 2 has not had the same success as the first FarmVille, but still boasts millions of gamers around the world. Today we come to those users who want to move forward in the game but do not have so much time available, proposing two tricks.

The first trick is perfectly legal: go to this Facebook page (it's not from Games or Zynga, but from a group of fans). Here every day the managers give away units of water, energy and other useful things for the game: just log in every day and take what they give away.

The second trick is not so legal because it involves using the cheat engine. This program must be used by the PC, however, although the results can also be obtained on your account on your mobile device. After you have synchronized your account on your computer, open the cheat engine and then also open FarmVille 2 . Now set the value type to String, type "coins" and click on scan and then select all addresses. Now press in the order red arrow -> right button above the last addresses -> change record. In "value" enter "coins" and then the command "farm bucks". Now you can expand your farm for free.

To get money quickly, just enter the number 1000000 in the "value" field and then click First Scan. Do the above procedure again until you change the record. Now try to buy the Feudorto Estate. You will be able to buy it without spending a penny, but by reselling it the money will arrive in your coffers. As far asexperience is concerned, the trick is the same, only that instead of the million, enter the figure "45000" and instead of the estate, try to buy Haycart. Once you have purchased it, click on it many times, this will increase your experience.

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