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Fallout Shelter is the mobile game that Bethesda has been posting for several months on the App Store and Google Play to bring the Fallout universe to a wider audience. The title quickly took to the top of the charts around the world.

In Fallout Shelter, the goal is to build your own Vault and turn a 600-meter-deep cave into a perfect haven for as many people as possible. Within this space, different types of rooms must be built that are either useful for residents' accommodation or necessary to gather resources to carry out the Vault: food, water or energy.

To perform all of these actions, you'll need to use caps, Fallout Shelter in-game currency. Below are some tricks to quickly collect the caps.

A quick way is to complete the daily goals that allows you to get a few caps but quickly. In addition to this, you can collect caps every time a room finishes its production: to get them in large quantities and quickly, you need to distribute the quantity and variety of room with the right balance. Initially it is not necessary to upgrade to higher levels immediately, otherwise it will not be possible to collect caps with a certain speed. In fact, it is advisable to bring the rooms to the highest levels only when the Vault has reached a discrete size, so that every minute, or a little less, it will be possible to collect the caps.

In addition to these modes, the game will provide you with caps for free every day. In this sense it is important to log in with Fallout Shelter at least once a day.

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