Tricks Fallout 4: Where to Find Unique and Rare Weapons

Fallout 4 Rare and unique weapon locations  - The best weapons, the ones you can't find easily, the secret ones, the most powerful ones, the ones you've only dreamed of inside Fallout 4 . Where to find them, how to get them, the locations of all the unique weapons finally collected in a series of articles of which this is only the first part. How do you know how to survive within the territory of Fallout 4 it's certainly not easy. But in this case, the game itself comes to us with a number of really useful weapons.

Let's see together where to find and how to get the rare and unique weapons of Fallout 4 :

  • Let's start with the 2076 World Series baseball bat: located in Jamaica Plain, southeast of the map. It is located inside Jamaica Plain City Hall.
  • Alien Blaster Gun: located inside a cave east of Oberland Station on the west side of the map. It will be revealed the moment you investigate the location of the alien crash site for Zetan activities.
  • Artillery smoke: Located in the castle in southeast Boston during the Old Guns mission.
  • On the southeast side of the map, during The Big Dig mission, the Ashmaker can be found inside the NH & M Freight Depot.
  • Automatic Laser Musket: will be delivered to you by Sturges during the Nuclear Option mission.
  • Big Boy: At Walden Pond, on the northwest side of the map, you'll need to dive in to find the weapon.
  • Broadsider: in the northern part of Boston, during the secondary mission Last Voyage of the USS Constitution, you will find the weapon right on board the ship.
  • Cryolator: inside Vault 111 using the trick already published by us or once you reach level 18.
  • Death from Above: In Prydwen, northeast of Boston during the Old Guns mission. When you are Paladin, you can buy the weapon from Proctor Teagan.
  • Deathclaw Gauntlet: You will find it once you complete the mission The Devi's Due at Deathclaw Nest.
  • The Liberator: northeast of Boston, in the Old North Church once you complete the Tradecraft mission linked to the local railroad.
  • Eddie's Peace: Southeast Boston, Andrew's station. Reward linked to Eddie on the Long Time Coming mission.
  • Experiment 18-A: You can buy it inside the Institute, in the southeast part of the game map.
  • Final Judgment: in Prydwen, in the northeast of the map. You can get it from Elder Maxson inside some missions.

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