Tricks Fallout 4 : Where to Find Rare Weapons Part 3

Third and final trick dedicated to the discovery of rare and unique weapons within the vast map of Fallout 4 , maximo work of Bethesda Softworks available for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

  • Reba: Barney Rook will give you this weapon when you meet him in the Rook Family House, southeast of the map.
  • Reba II: reward for this Barney Rook.
  • Righteous Authority: you receive it upon completion of the mission Call to arms at Arcjet Systems.
  • Rockville Slugger: Diamond City Market, sold by the merchant Swatters in the west of Boston.
  • Sentinel's Plasmcaster: It will be sold to you by Proctor Teagan in Prydwen once you reach Sentinel level in the Steel Brotherhood.
  • As a reward for The Gilded Grasshopper mission, you will receive the Sword of Sem Drowne in the North End cemetery in northeast Boston.
  • Shish Kebab: Slag, in the blast furnace, will deliver this weapon to Saugus Ironworks.
  • Short Syringer Rifle: In The Lost Patrol, you can get this weapon from Paladin Brandis by killing him or returning him to the Steel Brotherhood. Location: Recon Bunker Theta.
  • Tessa's Fist: Tessa will take it to the Quincy Police Station.
  • Gainer: In the Vitale Pumphouse, northeast side of the map.
  • Virgil's Rifle: You can steal it from Virgil or you can get it by killing him at Rocky Cave in Virgil's own laboratory, southwest of the map.
  • Wastelander's friend: Deb at Bunker Hill can sell you this weapon; northern part of Boston.

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