Tricks Dragon Age 2: How to Get Unlimited Money and XP!

Good trick for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC

Tired of dealing with Quest on Quest? Do you get too little out of your efforts? Some enemies are too powerful to take down? From now on, this and more will no longer be a problem for you:

It 's been discovered a Glitch in Dragon Age 2 that allows you to get experience and crowns (the money of Dragon Age 2) unlimited and we at are here to propose it in a practical video!!

To get experience and crowns in a burst, as it happened in my video, you will have to choose one of the many quests in which there is no final movie (these are basically the quests in which you have to return a given object to a given character. ) after you have found the object to be returned, unsheathed your weapon (by pressing A on 360 or X on PS3) and go to talk, with the unsheathed weapon, to the character to whom you must return the object found that is the character that will close your quest, once you arrive in front of this character with the unsheathed weapon stay completely still and press A or X continuously to continue to get, each time you press the button, the reward of the quest and then wreaths and experience to no end.
As long as you don't move your character, you can continue to get the quest reward by simply pressing the A or X key.
Sometimes the trick fails but for a safe success remember to stay completely still in front of the character with the unsheathed weapon and to continuously press A or X without moving.

While writing these words the trick is fully functional but remember that Bioware could fix this glitch with a game update at any moment!

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