Tricks Clash of Clans to Get Free Gems Legally

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Some tricks of Clash of Clans We have been busy often, and we have also taken care of the precious gems. There are ways to get them by cheating with hacking programs, but there are also legal ways to accumulate them. You just have to be patient.

Here is the strategy to get free gems legally in Clash of Clans . As many of you know, you get gems by destroying trees, stones and bushes, so these methods are not to be underestimated (think playing every day after a year how many you have collected). But to get more is important to get the trophies of the game. After reaching 1200 trophies in games against humans, you can get 450 free gems.

Other bonuses to unlock to get the gems can be found in the upper left section of the screen, where the woman's half-bust appears. There, too, by unlocking the bonuses, you get up to 50 gems at a time. It is also known that joining a clan also benefits gems. But perhaps few people know that every 3 weeks the three strongest clans are rewarded. So make a commitment to join because the first clan is awarded 20,000 gems every 3 weeks, the second 10,000 and the third 6,000. Finally, make sure that you always have a free mason because, from time to time, the gem box ticked off, which is only available for a few minutes. If you use a mason to open it you can get a variable amount of gems, but if the mason is all busy, it will be lost.

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