Tricks Candy Crush Saga : How to Get Free Ingots

Tricks Candy Crush Saga - how to get free gold bars. Candy Crush Saga is thrilling players of all ages, who every day try to overcome the very difficult levels of the game with the patience to wait for time and sometimes spend their money to get ahead in the game by failing to pass a level or buying lives . We have dealt with more faces of this title, about the tricks to have endless lives and unlimited moves, today we teach you how to get the ingots for free. Ingots are very important candy crush tricks because if you can earn them you can save a lot of money and get ahead in the game more easily.

Gold bars are bonuses that allow you to make extra moves and help or quickly unlock a level without waiting for help from your companions. You would have to pay with real money to get them, but with these tricks you can do without them.

Candy Crush Tricks: Using the PC - One of the most common methods is to download the game to your PC and synchronize it with your Facebook account. You need to use Firefox because this trick requires the free Leethax extension which you can download directly from the browser scrivenfo "leethax" on google.

After installing Leethax restart your browser. Every time you access Candy Crush Saga via Facebook both gold bars and lives and help will always be infinite. Please note, however, that the extension only works on a PC, which means that when you access it from your smartphone the bars will not be infinite. However, this trick can be useful to get you through a difficult level with boosters and infinite bars, and then you can continue to play on your mobile phone as usual.

There is also a second, more complex way to get free ingots with the tricks Candy Crush Saga . You need to log into Facebook with your account and click on "Settings" -> "Account Settings". Then click on "Applications" -> "Login with Facebook". Look for the icon of Candy Crush Saga and remove it. This way the game will still be on your smartphone, but will no longer be connected to your Facebook. Then click on "Play Quests" and you will accumulate ingots by completing the challenges. When you are satisfied, you can reload Candy Crush Saga on Facebook and find all the ingots you have obtained so far.

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