Tricks Candy Crush: Lives, Jackpot, Wheel of Fortune

Candy Crush Saga Tricks: Unimited Lives and Jackpot Wheel of Fortune - The most popular game for facebook and smartphone puts us every day in front of a little disappointment: Lives are over! It's almost time to familiarize yourself with the level, figure out how to overcome it and it's already time to wait and wait to get more lives and be able to play again. If you don't want to spend money though, how do you do it? First of all a general tip: after a while you' Candy Crush ve been playing you're sure to have developed a certain eye for the levels. You should know that if you start a level by starting it, watch it but DO NOT make any moves and get out, you won't lose a life. What's the point of this? It's soon said: if you have a glance and you immediately realize that the randomness of the candy position was particularly unfortunate in that level, exit without making any moves and reload the level. You will not lose a life and you will avoid wasting time wasting lives on a level that immediately seemed too complicated. Below we will now see other tricks Candy Crush for endless lives and the rout of luck!

Candy Crush Saga players know very well that the lives available are limited in time and that once a day you can try your luck with the Wheel of Fortune. In particular, the Wheel of Fortune jackpot is very much in demand and desired by the players, which allows them to have prizes used when the game is completed. But how can we have endless lives and try our luck on the Wheel more than once a day? Let's see it together.

Let's start with lives. Attempted a level for a number of times without success, the game stops us saying to come back later so we can continue playing. In order to get the lives we need to keep playing right away, all you need to do is move the time on your smartphone or PC (Windows time, for example) to "trick" the game and have the chance to try again the game levels you want.

This simple trick can be used as many times as you want. A different trick is the Wheel of Fortune. Unfortunately, in fact, the Wheel can be turned - as we said before - only once a day and there are, at the moment, no working tricks or hacks that can help you. For the jackpot, then, the only weapon you have at your disposal is luck: so good luck!

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