Tricks Boom Beach : How to Win Easy

Boom Beach is a strategy game distributed for Android and iOS devices and published by Supercell in 2014. To date, Boom Beach is one of the most played mobile titles. Let's see, then, some simple tricks to win easy.

At Boom Beach the player will be able to build defensive structures, resource retrieval facilities and a fleet to attack nearby villages. Here, then, some useful tips for easy winning:

  • Don't put all the defenses in one area: in this way, it is true that the defense power will be lower but you will have coverage on all the structures of your village. This trick must be applied from level ten onwards.
  • Remember, every day, to collect the scratches scattered around the map so that you can collect the diamonds inside the crates. Diamonds are the most valuable resource in the game and will allow you to speed up the construction time of your buildings and fleet.
  • Remember that the buildings being upgraded cannot be attacked. Whenever a building can be upgraded, therefore, do so and throughout the upgrade period no opponent will be able to attack it.
  • During attacks on nearby villages always target directly at HQ. In this way, and therefore without knocking down many buildings around, the percentage of recovering many crystal fragments from each attack will be very high: the rule is that the more buildings you destroy, the more crystals you will collect will be less.
  • Do not cut down all the trees on the map. Before the last update, the long-range defenses hidden behind the trees were not visible. Now unfortunately this trick no longer works but for an inexplicable reason some players may still not see your defenses: great, right?

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