Tricks and Crown The Witcher 3 Pc PS4 XBOX ONE

In this section of the guide to The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt, find the tricks to activate on PC to have infinite life, unlimited coins, continuous experience, indestructible weapons and much more!

These tricks allow you to have the following bonuses and can be activated from the TRAIN MENU visible by pressing the F1 key on the keyboard:


Go to Heirarch Center, Novigrad, and look for the merchant with the fish stall. The merchant sells shells for 7 crowns each, buy as many as you can and then spend a few hours meditating to fill the seller's stock. When you have accumulated a large quantity of shells, go to the blacksmith, which you can find near the fishmonger, and have the shells dismantled to get some PEARLS (the cost for the process is one crown each).
Now you can sell the Pearls to the same blacksmith who took them out of the shells for 109 crowns each, thus making a fortune in a very short time. In the video you can see the complete procedure:

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