Trial of Fate - Complete Guide for Android and iOS

Trial of Fate Complete guidance and tricks | Trial of Fate is a wonderful fantasy game in which you guide heroes with divine powers in fierce fights against evil forces. A journey among humans, gods, demons and heavenly creatures, each hero has his own story and extraordinary powers.

The player can gather his favorite heroes, gather them into a guild and fight against powerful bosses. In the Zodiac Palace many challenges and hordes of enemies await the heroes, while in the Divine Arena other players will try to oust us.

In this comprehensive guide Trial of Fate , we offer you useful tips to prove you are the strongest and most daring hero. There are also some tricks to win battles and earn a mountain of prizes.

How to download Trial of Fate | To download the game log in -> Google Play | App Store.

Trial of Fate | Basic Tips

Fight in the Campaign to level up

Fighting multiple times in Campaign mode is a great way to level and unlock various game functions that will help you progress through the game. Some dynamics and options are only unlocked when you reach a specific level of experience. It's quite important to quickly ascend to level 10 and then level 20.

This is an important feature because at those levels you'll be able to deploy multiple heroes simultaneously: at level 10, you'll be able to deploy 4 heroes, and at level 20 you'll be able to deploy 5.

The fastest way to level up at the beginning is to advance in Campaign mode, because it not only gives EXP, but also Rune that will help you to make your heroes stronger.

There are 3 difficulties: normal, difficult and elite. Start with Normal, but after completing stage 3 with the boss attached, you will unlock Difficult, and once you reach level 30 you will also unlock Elite mode.

Speed up the fighting when you can

When you fight, you will see a "1x" or "2x" on the bottom of the screen. By clicking on those symbols, battles will be accelerated. The advice is to always fight in 2x mode, because the faster you finish a battle, the faster you will get EXP points.

In either case, you can activate Auto mode, which will automatically assign hero skills for you. When you want to use this, bear in mind that the game will use the skills as soon as it gets the chance, so if you want to use them at a specific time, use manual combat instead of Auto.

The advice is to use Auto when you're in the early stages of the game, and not during boss fights, unless you're 100% sure you can defeat it because you're much stronger.

Trial of Fate | Fighting Guide

Touch the most dangerous enemy first

When you fight, you can touch a certain enemy during combat to convince your team to attack him first. Let's say that an elite monster or healer or a more powerful enemy is getting fierce, well, you have to take him out before you focus on the weaker troops. Put a little pressure on the enemy and then the team of heroes will focus on him. This is especially useful when you face more enemies and want to take down the most annoying or powerful one first.

Avoid enemy attacks

In battle, attacking blindly is not the best. In Trial of Fate you must avoid enemy attacks by moving the hero to the battlefield. You have to touch your hero and, while holding down, drag him onto the battlefield.

When you do so, you're basically moving that hero around, and if you do it in the right timing, it should be enough to avoid attacks. You should do this when you're fighting powerful enemies and especially bosses, because their attacks can be fatal for some less powerful heroes.

You can move your heroes even if you are playing with the Auto mode active, so if you want to ensure victory, make sure you keep an eye on enemy attacks and try to avoid them.

Trial of Fate | Heroes Guide

How to deploy Heroes

It may seem irrelevant, really, when you deploy your team on the battlefield, it is very important to choose where you deploy your heroes. This is because, depending on the point you choose, the heroes will receive extra stats and bonuses. You should pay close attention to these stats and deploy your heroes in the right way.

Places where you deploy them can give bonuses in Crit Rate, Magic Power, Physical Attack, Magic Resistance, Armor and Max HP.

For example, wizards should be deployed in slots that increase Magic Power, while tanks should go to areas that increase Magic Resistance, Armor or Max HP. As for support heroes, depending on their stats, you can place them in the damage slots or Max HP slots.

How to summon more heroes

There are several ways you can get more heroes, but the best (especially at the beginning) is to summon them. There are many bonuses that you can benefit from at the beginning, as a new player.

One of the best things you can do is collect 990 Diamonds and take advantage of Summon 10x. Basically, instead of paying 1980 diamonds for 10 more evocations, you'll pay 990 diamonds.

After you do this Summon, you'll get another 15% discount for your second Summon, so basically you'll have to pay 1683 Diamonds for another 10x Summon bonus. After this, there are no more bonuses, which is why it's super useful to do it as soon as you save enough Diamonds.

Rank and upgrade your heroes

There are many ways you can improve your heroes, but there are four main ones to keep in mind:

  • Upgrade a Hero: This is mainly used to level your hero. You can feed them different items that increase XP, and this will increase their stats, depending on their level.
  • Hero Skill Upgrade: You can increase a hero's skill level just like you would with a character's level by paying Gold and using Tomi Skills (instead of XP items).
  • Rank a Hero: Rank a hero can be done by collecting the Runes he needs, and once you have enough, you can increase the hero's rank.
  • Awakening a Hero: This is, in essence, the creation of a hero. Awakening will make the chosen hero appear only after you've collected enough fragments of that character, so it will take time, but by doing so you can create any hero you like.

Trial of Fate | Tricks for iOS and Android

Here are some tricks to maximize your Diamond and Gold earnings, which are essential to always have powerful and strong heroes.

Apply for your awards online every day

Online rewards can be displayed on the right side of the screen in the main interface. There, you'll see a button with a gift icon right at the top of the Adventure mode. You can request these rewards several times a day, and make sure you do so because you'll get lots of Diamonds.

Apart from Diamonds, you will also get a lot of Gold, and if you stay online in the game long enough you will receive bonuses. The prize for staying online for at least two hours will be 50 Lilian Shards. These will help you upgrade the hero quickly enough, so if you want to make sure you have a decent and up-to-date hero, this is one of the best ways (and also free).

Take part in various game events

The game will have a lot of events, including Evocation events. Summon events increase your chances of finding some heroes, and you will also benefit from the first Summon discount, so during these events you will also pay 990 Diamonds for 10 Summon attempts (10x Summon bonus).

If you want to get a certain hero, make sure you try your luck during those events, because they work really well and it's definitely worth it.

Watch an ad for free diamonds and gold

To take advantage of this feature, you need to go to the main interface and check the top right corner of the screen. There you will see a Bonus option! Go to Bonus -> click on Watch and you can watch a total of 5 ads to claim free rewards, including a ton of Gold, Diamonds and many other useful items.

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