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Are you tired of spending hours stuck in traffic? Can't take any more than tens of minutes to make a few meters? Traffic Panic Boom Town then it's the perfect game for you! We're talking about a hybrid between a city builder and a management system in which the player has the task of making the road system of a small town work at its best. Ready to tackle a hellish roundabout? Let's do it!

The crate can wait

At Traffic Panic Boom Town the player must wait for some time to pass before opening the boxes with the loot. You'll find plenty of them for the city and soon, almost without realizing it, you'll have all your slots full. The advice, in this case, is not to focus too much on this aspect of the game: it can take up to eight hours to open a cashier, so relax and keep playing as if nothing happened.


As you level up you will unlock new junctions and, as a result, expand the complexity of your road network and provide travellers with more options. The advice is to place a construction as soon as you have the chance... The reason? Simple: you need at least one building to make the most of the intersections.

Calm down

At Traffic Panic Boom Town , as well as driving, you need to take things slowly. This is not one of those managerial ones where you have to do a hundred things in two seconds so take your time to analyze the situation and understand the best way to proceed. Acting fast will only get you accident after accident after accident.

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