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Total Carnage it's a multidirectional arcade shooter developed and published by Midway in 1992. It was converted in 1993 for Super Nintendo and Amiga CD32 and Amiga, while the conversion for MS-DOS only came in 1994.

Total Carnage shares many elements with some titles previously released by Midway, such as Smash TV, other game co-op 2 player with respect to which this title adds several new features. These include large enemy vehicles, the ability to collect and place bombs and a much greater variety of scenarios than in previous games. A Middle Eastern dictator, General Akhboob, isolates his country from the rest of the world following a war in 1999.
Hundreds of reporters arrive in the area, hoping to provide an unprecedented scoop to their viewers / readers. Unfortunately for them, one of these reporters discovers that something else is produced at the “Baby Milk Factory”. The reporter is captured, along with his colleagues, who learn that the General is setting up a army of mutants and nuclear weapons.

It's up to the Doomsday Squad, made up of Captain Carnage and Major Mayhem, to invade the Akhboob base, eliminate the soldiers, destroy the mutants and save all the hostages, eventually capturing Akhboob himself. When he loses a life, the player receives a rapid-fire pistol, instead of the standard one.

Secret Voices - On the High Score screen, enter YAWDIM as the name, then press RIGHT. Press any key to hear secret voices.
Choice of starting level - to choose which level to start at, get the highest position on the High Score screen, then enter "FIRE" as your name.

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