Torchlight III - Relic Skills of the Flaming Destroyer

Flaming Destroyer Relic Skills

Those looking for a fire-based setup are going to find the Flaming Destroyer Relic in their driveway, as each of the Relics provides you with some sort of theme for its abilities. As with the other Relics, there are 10 skills in total to unlock which are a mix of active and passive skills.

  • Sword Smash (active)
    • Summon an Ethereal Sword that strikes enemies in front of you, dealing 450% weapon damage in the form of fire. (-25 relic energy)
      • Level 1 Bonus - Sword Smash leaves a Burn Hazard that deals the skill's current weapon damage and lasts for 4 sec.
      • Level 2 Bonus - Sword Smash now stuns enemies for 1 sec.
      • Level 3 Bonus - 50% of Relic Energy cost for Sword Smash.
  • Ignition source (passive)
    • The Spirit of Flaming Destroyer arises, giving you a 5% chance to burn enemies for 50% weapon damage for 3 sec. You also gain 2,5% evasion chance.
  • Magma Burst (passive)
    • When you kill a burning enemy there is a 4% chance it will explode, or when you critically strike a burning enemy there is a 1% chance it will explode, both dealing 45% damage. weapon damage.
  • Blazing Pillar (Active)
    • Summons a pillar of fire that searches for enemies for 8 sec, inflicting 135% flaming weapon damage per second. (-50 relic energy)
      • Level 1 Bonus - Pillars shoot fireballs dealing 100% weapon damage.
      • Level 2 Bonus - Pillars of Fire slow enemies by -50%.
      • Level 3 Bonus - Add another pillar of fire.
  • Giant swings (passive)
    • Basic Attacks have a chance to obliterate enemies with a powerful fiery blast wave, dealing 125% weapon damage. Requires large weapon or equipped bow.
  • Cloak of Flames (Active)
    • Wrap yourself in a mantle of flame that drains your relic energy, until the relic energy is depleted. The Ring of Fire burns enemies with 160% weapon damage per second in the form of fire. While the buff is active, you and your nearby allies deal 25% more damage and gain 10% evasion.
      • Level 1 bonus - + 50% radius for cloak of flames.
      • Level 2 Bonus - -25% Relic Energy cost for Cloak of Flame.
      • Level 3 Bonus - Drop a random fireball around you, dealing the skill's current weapon damage while Cape of Flames is active.
  • Agile Flames (Active)
    • Surround yourself with dancing flames. Blast enemies with three Fire Novas that deal 125% weapon damage as fire, grant 20% evade chance, and create additional fire novas when evaded. Nimble Flames lasts 6 sec.
      • Level 1 bonus + 20% evasion for Nimble Flames.
      • Level 2 Bonus - Fire Nova fixes targets on fire for 2 sec.
      • Level 3 Bonus - Nimble Flames leaves behind a scorching area when casting.
  • Firestorm (passive)
    • When you hit an enemy on fire, there is a 10% chance that the Burning Destroyer will drop a fireball at them for 40% weapon damage.
  • Summon Smash (active)
    • Summon six massive flaming swords that crumble from above, devastating enemies in the area for 725% weapon damage in the form of fire and scorching survivors for 725% additional weapon damage for 6 sec. Summoning Smash can be used after spending a total of 200 Relic Energy.
      • Level 1 Bonus - 5% chance on hit to summon a single falling sword on an enemy.
      • Level 2 Bonus - Summoning Smash now summons a hail of meteors dealing 40% weapon damage on hit.
      • Level 3 Bonus - Summoning Smash now drops the current weapon damage of a sword skill to a random target within range every second for five seconds.
  • Energizer (passive)
    • Became more attentive to your relic. Increase your Relic Energy charge rate.

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