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The sports streaming website La Casa del Tiki Taka is known worldwide by all sports fans for offering a great service. This site is based on a streaming platform that allows you to watch all the sports matches that you can become a fan of. It should be noted that it is one of the most used websites in the world for the great qualities provided by the web.

From Gamerslance we want to present you the best alternatives to La Casa del Tiki Taka, this way if this one is closed and you don't know what other websites offer similar services you only have to look at this list.

What are the problems with La Casa del Tiki Taka?

The fact that La Casa del Tiki Taka is one of the most famous websites to watch sport matches doesn't mean that it doesn't have problems . The website itself, apart from having the basic problems, does not have a lot of very serious problems. Even so, here we leave you with some of the biggest problems that you will find in La Casa del Tiki Taka:

  • Very frequent pop up ads.
  • It is constantly closed for not having any sports license.
  • Bad streaming server connection.

Problems like this are very annoying when watching matches, so some websites have been created as alternatives to La Casa del Tiki Taka that try to solve these problems and be better than the previous ones. Here we leave you the 10 best alternatives to La Casa del Tiki Taka so that you do not cut any game and do not go with delay.

Top 11 alternatives to La Casa del Tiki Taka

From Gamerslance we want to present you the best alternatives to Pirlo TV, this way if this one fails or is closed you will be able to have more than one option to watch the an option to watch the match of your favorite rugby team or the final of the Spanish the final of the King's Cup.


The first alternative to La Casa del Tiki Taka is AllSportsLive . AllSportsLive is one of the best sports streaming websites. You can use it for free, to enjoy your favorite sports, including football including football, hockey and tennis. The "HomePage" has a schedule with all the games and timetable of all the important games to be streamed.

Advantages of AllsportsLive:

  • You can watch all available sports at the moment.
  • It tells you what time things start.
  • All the leagues of all the sports you want.

Reviews of AllsportsLive: [Average rating 3'9/5]

  • There are little things in Russian, but you put in the translator and that's it. -Jachima.
  • I can watch all the football matches of the Italian league. Pepe.
  • Sport has a different taste now that I know this exists. -Maria.

The second alternative that we present you is and it is a very good site for streaming sporting events very varied with which you will be able to see a multitude of links and sports . It is very easy to easy to use and from its HomePage you will be able to see all the games that will be and by clicking on Live you will be able to see all the matches available. matches available.

Advantages of

  • Great multitude of sports to watch.
  • No registration required.
  • Free of charge.
  • Match schedule.

Reviews of [Average rating 4'0/5].

  • It's the first time I use it, very simple and intuitive. -Pablo.
  • I like it very much, the best. -Marcos.
  • It lacks something, but one of the best, it never fails. -脕lvaro.


Batman Stream is one of the best sports streaming websites for catching up on multiple sports and that's why we've added it to this list to catch up with multiple sports and that is why we have added it in this list of alternatives to La Casa Del Tiki Taka. On this site you can find sporting events such as football, NFL, basketball, baseball, rugby, hockey, among many others.

Advantages of BatmanStream:

  • Easy and intuitive interface compared to others on the market.
  • Many different and varied sports categories.
  • It shows you the time of the match you want to watch.
  • Multitude of links per match, some in HD quality.

Reviews of BatmanStream: [Average rating 4'1/5].

  • Great page, it would be nice an app, but I'm satisfied with the web. -Pedro.
  • I've been able to watch Australian football matches. -Hector.
  • It's fantastic because I can even see the canoes. -Armin.

Arena Vision

The fourth alternative to La Casa Del Tiki Tika that you will find on this list is Arena Vision . ArenaVision is a fantastic alternative to La Casa del Tiki Taka when it comes to watching various sports on livestreaming. It has numerous channels and links for various sporting events, all live and free.

Advantages of Arena Vision:

  • Good quality video, whatever it is.
  • Lots of links and links.
  • Completely free and without registration to watch matches.
  • You can find streamings in Spanish everything and it's not a Spanish competition.

Arena Vision reviews: [Average rating 4'5/5].

  • Good video quality. Mar莽al.
  • It's a great site and is recommended for everyone. -Pablo.
  • Easy to use and easy to find on the web. -Ignacio.


At the halfway point of alternatives to La Casa Del Tiki Taka we present MamaHD . As with others on this list, this website allows you to watch a multitude of live sports. One of the best things about the site is that the interface allows you to change the languages of the texts.

Advantages of MamaHD:

  • Different languages to choose from, French, Italian, Spanish, English.
  • Great multitude of sports to watch.
  • Shows the schedule of current competitions.

MamaHD's opinions: [Average rating 4'5/5].

  • Since I met her it is rare that I miss a game. Laura.
  • I'm an ice hockey fan and with this site I can watch the Vikings games in Belfast. Nacho.
  • I can watch all the UFC fights and wrestling. -Victor.


The sixth position in the list of the 10 best alternatives to La Casa del Tiki Taka is Feed2All . Feed2All is a website of various sports streaming that will allow you to watch live matches of sports such as football, rugby, basketball, baseball, boxing, golf, .. . and some that surely you do not even know. The interface is quite simple, which makes navigation quite fluid and easy. easy.

Advantages of Feed2all:

  • It has a great selection of sports to watch live.
  • It shows you the schedule of the matches according to the time region.
  • You can create a favorites and preferences section.
  • You can set reminders for your most anticipated matches.

Feed2All reviews: [Average rating 4'6/5].

  • I like that you can manage the site freely. -Maria Jose.
  • Great site to watch soccer and handball. -Antonio.
  • I like it a lot, it was recommended to me and it is very good. -Lopez.

Continuing with this list of the best alternatives to La Casa del Tiki Taka, the seventh one we present you is On this website you can watch all the sports you want without any limits. The interface is considered by many as simple and intuitive, since the categories are differentiated by drawings of each sport with bright colors.

Advantages of

  • It's simple and intuitive unlike others.
  • Minimum 4 links to watch the match.
  • Option to watch the match in high definition, links 1 or 2.
  • No need to register and it's totally free.

Reviews of [Average rating 4'9/5] [Average rating 4'9/5

  • I love I can watch American sports like the NBA. -Francisco.
  • It's the best I've come across 10/10. -Felix.
  • I can't believe it's all free, very good service. -Paco.


Intergoles, the eighth alternative to La Casa Del Tiki Taka, is a site that will remind you of the design of the famous sports streaming site Rojadirecta. But don't be confused, this one has improved on the problems that Rojadirecta has. Rojadirecta, it almost looks like an extension of it. It should be noted that this page can only watch football, but it makes up for it being one of the best you'll find on the net.

Advantages of Intergoles:

  • Specialized in football.
  • No registration.
  • Familiar design to Rojadirecta.
  • You won't have to pay anything.

Reviews of Intergoles: [Average rating 4'5/5].

  • I only watch soccer and since they closed Rojadirecta this one is doing very well. Elia.
  • I liked the design of Rojadirecta because it was easy, this one makes it just as easy for me. Helena.
  • It is in my top 10 best sites to watch football. Ramon.

Live TV

The next and penultimate alternative to La Casa Del Tiki Taka is Live TV. This website is one of the best sites to watch live football online for free without live cuts. Currently the website has matches of sporting events such as tennis, basketball and any kind of sport that is televised live somewhere in the world.

Advantages of Live TV:

  • You can watch all sports that are televised live somewhere in the world.
  • Very little advertising on the site, PoP-Up's are rarely shown.
  • You can also watch some games on delay, few but you can.
  • No need to register or pay anything.

Live TV reviews: [Average rating 4'7/5].

  • Great site to watch my Betis play. -Javier.
  • The best premier league matches in high quality. -Carlos.
  • I don't know how I have been able to live without it, amazing. -Francisco.


The tenth and last page that we present as an alternative to La Casa del Tiki Taka is STREAMSPORT. This site with the function of streaming football matches or other sports is a great alternative, as it offers a multitude of links to watch matches no matter what sport or where in the world it is. It also allows you to watch some sports programs.

Advantages of STREAMSPORT:

  • Multitude of links to watch a simple match.
  • Excellent image quality and different links with high quality.
  • Multitude of sports to watch and even sports programs.

Reviews of STREAMSPORT: [Average rating 4'5/5].

  • The best website I've found, fantastic. -Guillermo.
  • I can't find any faults, so far. David.
  • There are bugs but they don't imply any inconvenience in my experience. -Irael.

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