Tonic Trouble Nintendo 64 tricks

Tonic Trouble is a genre video game three-dimensional platform developed in 1999 by Ubisoft Montreal to Nintendo 64.

Initially expected for N64 only, the game was later converted to Game Boy Color and Microsoft Windows as well. The protagonist of Tonic Trouble is Ed, who unintentionally causes trouble. He was cleaning up aboard a spaceship on which he was traveling but, after finding out a can of a strange green colored substance, decides to drink it.
The liquid is so disgusting that Ed spits it out, but the substance falls to the floor, flakes off some screws and even brings them to life. Ed throws the can into the spacecraft's garbage dump and the container falls on planet Earth, next to a shady individual named Grögh. He realizes the powers of the drink and drinks it, transforming himself and swearing revenge against all those who in the past have made him suffer.

Ed is ordered by his superiors to go down to Earth and retrieve the can, so that scientists can create an antidote that counteracts the evil effects of the green substance. Helped by Doc and Suzy, Ed then sets off on an incredible adventure ...

Pause the game and press A, B, A, B, A, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN and Z to be transported directly to the final battle against Grögh.

After completing the game and saving to memory, start a new game to have a level of lives equal to the thermometers collected in the previous game.

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