Tomb Raider : Guide to Collectables - Documents!

Crossing the island of Yamatai you will find various collectables. Each of them will prove to be important to discover information about the island and its inhabitants. Although you can find the Collectables shown on the map, this guide will help you find the exact locations and retrieve them all without difficulty.

Tomb Raider : guide to Colectables - documents!

Remember, also, that finding 25% of the documents will unlock the Intellectual Object/Intellectual Trophy while finding 75% of the documents will unlock the Scholarly Object/Intellectual Trophy.

Strength and courage put on the role of the beautiful Lara and good hunting!!!

Once you get the GPS treasure location east of the ruins camp in the forest, cross the fallen tree to the new area with a crate near a bridge. Above is the document.

Follow the path from the forest ruins camp and turn west before crossing the first bridge. Across the stream, you will find a sanctuary and stairs going up. Climb up to retrieve the document on the left.

ENDURANCE OFFICERS Whitman: Don't leave me.
Go to Dr. Whitman in the northeast corner of the map. After talking to him, head north of the crank Lara tried to use and pick up the document on a crate in the corner.


Head north past the mountain temple camp and through the water near the waterfall. There is a small cave on the other side of the stream. Enter it and head towards the back to find this document.

Use the fube to escape the building in flames. When you land, you can find this document south of the archway that holds the rope, above a wooden crate.


ANTICAL PERGAMENTS Ambassador: First Impressions
In a large multi-storey building northwest of the village's high camp. Reach the lower floor from other nearby structures. Go to the second floor and look west, where there is a door with ropes around it. Use the ice axe to unhinge it and enter the room. There's the document on the floor.

Ancient Parchments Ambassador: Discoveries
After using the climbing ice axe to get to the top of the waterfall that passes over the cavern of the unworthy, look at the building on the east side of the map. Jump over the water and over the ledge that emerges from the small building. On a small table in the back corner you will find the document.


CONFESSIONS OF A SOLARII Matter of convenience
After you are in the water at the beginning of the area, cross it and go up the stairs to find a desk. On it is the diary of one of Mathias' followers.

MILITARY INTELLIGENCE Scientist: Secret Project
You can find this document after using the lanterns and gas to destroy the closed doors and injure Private Solarii with the assault rifle. Get to the next room. There are two desks on top of each other behind boxes of ammunition. The document is on the upturned desk at the top.

To obtain this document, you must enter the communications room. Once you open the door with the burglar's axe, after you talk to Alex, you can search the room. On the southeast side of the room is a desk with a box of ammunition nearby. At the top of the desk you can find the document.


This document is kept by many Solarii. It is located on the second floor of the ruined three-storey building on the north side of the map. After clicking up the south side of the building, look for the litter box and the crates to find the document.

The document is on the very nice carpet, near the tadio antenna camp on the roof of the large building to the southwest.


Go south from the cavern that leads to the tomb hall of succession and go down to the roof near the waterfall and the fallen tree. Go east, cross the trunk and immediately use the ice axe to climb the rock face opposite. Beyond the statue to the east you will see a small building. Use the rope arrow to pull a rope over there. Glide along the rope and enter the structure to find Hoshi's document on the small ledge.

PERMANTLY ANTICALLY Ambassador: Dark threat
From the island in the center, just south of the cave that leads to the tomb hall of succession, jump to the southwest on a ledge near a stump with ropes. Climb the stone stairs that go around the rock to the statue. From here use the rope arrow to pull a rope that leads to the island in the northeast. Use it and then snap it onto the painted wooden wall nearby. Head southwest, under the ceiling of the small structure. The document is next to the wooden floor.


Hoshi's Ancient Pergamens: At Your Service
After defeating the Solarii guards south of the camp down the valley, use the rope arrows to pull a rope to the big house south. The door must be opened with the shotgun. Inside, turn around the big bell that crashed into the house. Now go towards the bell and jump on the north ledge. Once you're up, go west to the coffee table and pick up the document.

Go to the camp overlooking the village. Use the cable car to get to the east building. Enter the building and head for the south wall. There is an entrance that can only be opened with a shotgun. Blow the barricade and you will find another ancient scroll on the table.

After visiting the mountain village for the second time, go to the village high camp near the plane crash site. Near the camp fire there is the document.


CIURMA DELL'ENDURANCE Grim: Just like the old days
Go down both stairs south of the helicopter hill camp. To the south is another ramp that leads to a building. Go in there and use your shotgun to blow up the southeast barricade. Proceed southeast to the next barricade and use the shotgun again. After that, you'll see a chair with red cushions in the middle. Just beyond that, on the table in the southwest corner, there's a letter from Grim.

Go down both flights of stairs to two of the helicopter hill camp. To the south is a ramp that leads to a building. Go in there and use your poma gun to blow up the southeast barricade. Head southeast to the next barricade and use the shotgun. After that, you'll see a chair with red cushions in the middle. From the chair, look east and jump to grab the platform and climb up where the bells hang. On the crate in front of you is the document.

CONFESSIONS OF A SOLARII Question of survival
From the helicopter hill camp, descend both steps and go east, cross the outdoor area until you reach the peitra stairs. Destroy the barricade with the shotgun and repel the Solarii that attack you later on. After this, climb the three flights of stairs always going east. Turn right and cross the open entrance, then pass through the balcony, heading southeast. After passing this wooden hut, proceed to the right and climb up to the sloping roof of this building. Enter the room at the top of the structure to find the document on the wooden crates.

Leave the old gate camp and proceed south along the peitra stairs to a lengo fence. Head southeast and cross the drainage pipe over the wooden floor. Go southwest and descend to the next balcony. Go immediately to the southeast and proceed along the narrow path to a barricade on the left, open it with your rifle and enter. On the north-west side of the room there is a table on which you will find the document.

Once near the mill blades, after defeating the Solarii who defend the area, descend to the ground further down. Landed near the wooden stairs, turn around and look southeast, turning around the southwest corner of this building. Past the bush, turn north and pass under the building. Halfway through the passage you will find a table on the left on which the document rests.


When you arrive at the pit camp, you will find this document in its vicinity.

After blowing the metal entrance with natural gas into the big cave, follow the passage to the east and then to the south. Follow the wall to the west as you enter the larger area, while the guards come to investigate. Eliminate the two Solarii while the other one goes back up to continue his game. Go up the stairs leading east to two guards at a chessboard. Once you have defeated them, head north to the chessboard to find a document on the ground.

After passing the metal entrance to the north of the catacombs camp, go to the northwest side of the room and climb to the top, again to the northwest. Defeat all the Solarii in the sacrificial cmera, go to the large room where they were gathered. Approach the altar where the victim of the sacrifice is tied to a wall with an effigy of the sun behind it. To the south-west of this gloomy vision is the document on a step of peitra not deafening from the water.


As soon as you enter the area from the forest at altitude, turn around and look northwest to see the documentary on a nearby rock.

Ancient Pergamens General: Conquistadors
Enter the hut from the camp of the same name. The document you are looking for is on the table in the northeast corner of the building.


Head southwest of the surviving camp and enter the brick building. Turn to the northwest and you will find a desk to the east, on which the document rests.

Jonah ENDURANCE CIURMA: Accept the truth
Go southwest of the surviving camp and enter the brick building. Head northwest and exit the building through the metal door on the north building. Use the burglar's axe to open the door and enter the building. Go southwest and look behind the wall to find the document on a desk.

Hoshi'S ANCIENT PERGAMENTS: in her image
From the bunker that leads to the flooded dungeon, turn left and cross the wooden bridge going southeast. Run up the wooden ramp and jump on the southeast pole that leads to the mast. Make your way to the platform attached to the mast and with the arch throw a rope to the south-east stone wall. Proceed east into the rough building nearby: there is a table on the right with the document on it.

ENDURANCE OFFICERS Whitman: My great discovery
After reaching the top of the ascender trumpet to the northwest of the surviving camp, go northeast on the hill to see a distant silo on the summit. Use the rope arrows and pull a rope on the rock face to the side. Use it and then use the climbing ice ax to climb to the right side. When you reach the southeast side, climb up the hill and go behind the painted wooden wall just opposite to find two stacked boxes with the document on them.


Once you enter the bunker from the outer cliff, take the narrow passage to the north. Shoot down the Solarii in this room before you go northeast. As you climb the stairs to the room, you'll find ammunition and arrows on the southeast wall. Look to the right of the room to find the document on a desk.

ENDURANCE CIURMA Alex: heroic gesture
This document is to the right of the camp with an endurance view.

CIURMA DELL'ENDURANCE Sam: Adventures with Lara
Take the cable car to the endurance and defeat Boris to get the lift. After doing so, you can pull a heavy crate hanging from a crane and drop it across the endurance bridge. Descend into this hole and follow the corridor to halfway down, when Lara enters her cabin. On the floor is the document

MILITARY INTELLIGENCE Scientist: The secret of the island
Once you have taken the lift from Boris and retrieved Reyes's gear, you return to the enduance view camp. Look northwest from there and use the new handhold to pull the equipment off the roof. After it crashes through the floor, go down the hole and Lara will automatically retrieve the document from a desk.


This document is very close to the science lab camp. Take a few steps towards the southeast desk. On it is a soldier's document that tells of a shooting with an oni.

GPS SECRETS Unknown: mysterious orders
Make your way to the flooded room south of the science lab camp and head west. Open the metal doors with the illuminated console on the left and enter the elevator area. Call the elevator and blow the first gear with the burglar's axe. Get on it and go through the opening behind the horn. Now go up to the third floor and look in the east room. Behind two blue barrels, on a crate, is the document.

ANCIENT PERGAMENTS General: bankruptcy
You can reach this well hidden gps treasure after breaking all the elevator gears and crashing it to the ground floor. Enter the elevator shaft and descend to level one. Go through the hole in the southwest wall and advance a few steps. Now pass through the breach in this north wall and turn west to follow the tracks, then advance along the wooden walkway until you enter a larger cavern with large statues lined up. Climb the stairs leading east to the corpse of the general and look at the mural on the wall. By taking the general's weapon you will automatically obtain the last document.


Hoshi's Ancient Pergamens: An End
After using the cranks to fix the hanging cage, use the elevator to hit the rocks with the cage. Lower it down and then reach the overhang so that you can use the riser and jump on the cage when it swings towards you. Move to the other side of the room with the cage and click on the southeast wall to enter the sun queen's ritual room. Go around the room to the southeast and grab the document that is on the ground there.

MILITARY INTELLIGENCE Soldier: the last battle
From the beginning of the sanctuary area on the gorge, go straight southeast of the door. look to the right and you will find the document on the ground, to the right of the door.

ENDURANCE OFFICERS Whitman: Crossing the line
From the beginning of the sanctuary area on the gorge, go asud-east towards the door. Use the burglar's axe, open up and head southeast. Follow the wooden path north and then south-east past the crank. The document is at the end of the walkway, on the wooden floor.

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