ToeJam & Earl - Master System cheats and codes

ToeJam & Earl it's a action video game developed in 1991 by Johnson Voorsanger Productions and published by SEGA for 16 bit Sega Genesis console / Mega Drive.

The protagonists of the video games are the alien rappers ToeJam and Earl, who had to make an emergency landing on planet Earth. The player controls the two characters, busy collecting pieces of their spaceship and then escape the planet. The graphics are 2D and the mechanics and the gameplay they are inspired by Rogue, the game from which the description of this title takes its cue, in which we read: “a Roguelike or dungeon-crawl game”.
ToeJam & Earl can be played in single player or 2-player co-op mode, in which the screen is not split and contains both characters if they are close to each other. If they are further apart, the screen splits.

If you play in 2 player mode, you are witnessing skits and dialogues not present if you play alone. A more than valid reason to face the adventure as a couple. Each island in the game is populated by weird things, such as ghost ice cream trucks, giant hamsters and mortar-wielding chickens.

In level one, at the top right of the map, there is a secret island with a lot of bonuses to collect. To get them you will need to have propulsion skates or Icarus wings.

Before Santa leaves, spy on him. It will leave you quite a few interesting gifts.

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