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If you are an Android user, you usually go to the Play Store and download the application you are most interested in. If you have an iPhone or an iPad you will download apps in the App Store. But what certain you don't like to do is paying for applications. The most popular applications like WhatsApp, social networks or games like Clash of Clans are free, but there are other paid apps in the Play Store and the App Store. If you are asking yourself how to download free payment applications read these tips to download applications.

Tips to download applications Although we are talking about paid applications, there is a chance to download them for free. For example, sometimes these app's are free for 24 hours only. It is a way to promote them by their developers, offering them for free only for one day, to reach certain audiences who can recommend them.

Paid apps for free

Another way to download free applications is to make payment through our PC. There are several websites where we find .apk files, using mobile devices with the Android operating system, so you can transfer them to your computer via a USB cable. The problem with this method is that you also need a file management app to then install the .apk file on your smartphone or tablet, which takes up space and is a bit cumbersome.

Tricks to get free apps

You can also download applications through other apps and get rewarded for it with which to pay for payment applications. This sounds a bit convoluted, so we will explain it step by step. The first thing to do is going to the Play Store or App Store, downloading and installing the Gums Up application and register. Now you can start using it, winning gums -the points- and get the rewards. To accumulate gums you can use applications Gums Up recommends you to download and meet the challenges proposed (some challenges quite affordable for any user, so they are not an impediment). You can also score points by completing surveys or watching trailers. In the top left you will see the "Win gums" button where you have all the options to earn points. If you invite friends to Gums Up you will also win gums, so be sure to recommend it! As you earn points, you can access better rewards. The most recommended rewards are the gift cards for the Play Store or App Store, in addition to PayPal money with which you can also buy applications or other products. In addition, we have gift cards of the Play Station Network, Xbox, Amazon... You just have to win gums and choose the best reward. 

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