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Our guides dedicated to Resident Evil VII:

Resident Evil finally returns to our homes with a terrifying new chapter set in a huge villa. This game has really conquered us and today we open our cycle of guides dedicated to it with a series of tips, small suggestions that could help you survive the horrors that the Bakers have prepared for you. As we said in our video review Resident Evil VII is not, in our opinion at least, the most difficult game in the series, but there are still some obstacles and steps that could give you some problems too.

In this guide we will not reveal the solution of the puzzles and we will not make any kind of spoilers.

1 - Blind run

Resident Evil VII is a splendid game and part of its appeal is undoubtedly due to the fear of the unknown that you feel when you enter a room or open a closet. For this reason, therefore, we strongly recommend you to make a first run absolutely free from outside influences: try, if possible, not to spoil anything and enjoy the pleasure of experiencing the adventure prepared by the guys at Capcom. It really takes a moment to ruin a jumpscare or to compromise the creepy atmosphere recreated by the developers, so if possible avoid watching too many gameplay videos around the net (we're sure that in the first days after the release many of them will be published on YouTube...). The plot, moreover, is really full of twists and turns that you can simply guess even from a photo or an image, so adjust accordingly.

Find some time, lock the door, dim the lights, put on the best headphones you have and start your game.

2 - This is not DOOM

In Resident Evil VII there are various enemies that will try to tear you apart in rather fanciful ways. You, as per tradition, can defend yourselves with pistols, rifles, knives and more, but try never to forget that you are in a survival horror. In battles you'll find yourself at a constant disadvantage, with very little life and a terrible scope to manage... Not to mention you'll be quite agitated! Ammunition is also very scarce, so our advice is to avoid unnecessary fighting as much as possible. Blowing up the head of an abomination can be very pleasant, we are aware of this, but when you are surrounded by monstrous beings and have only a small knife to defend yourself you will regret having fired that shot.

The game must also be extended to collectibles: there are some puppets to destroy scattered around the house, but avoid wasting rifle or pistol shots... The game does everything to make your life impossible, there is no need to make your visit to the villa even more complex.

3 - What was that?!

In Resident Evil VII there are thousands of disturbing noises, we are not exaggerating. Every time you take a step you will feel like you are being followed and you will turn around begging to see nothing but your shadow. For this reason our advice is to use a good pair of headphones with a high level of sound, if you have the possibility: perceiving precisely the direction and intensity of the sounds guarantees a total identification with the main character and allows you to feel a real situation of anxiety and apprehension. We've tackled the game with and without headphones, and we can guarantee you that you'll hear the whole difference, especially in some very disturbing sections. We also recommend that you never stop checking where certain sounds come from, many times it will be nothing but in some cases you may have an unpleasant surprise by not checking ...

4 - Save, Save, Save

Resident Evil VII, as we said in our review, offers a self-rescue system and a manual rescue system. The self-rescue starts every time you reach a certain point in the plot, while the manual rescue can be done through special recorders located in the safe rooms. These rooms will be your personal paradise and you will recognize them thanks to two main elements:

a) The music in these rooms is absolutely different, almost relaxing.

b) The lighting changes totally and becomes much brighter and warmer, a light far removed from the cold tones normally used

Since in some moments of the game you will necessarily find yourself in circles looking for various objects, we strongly advise you to make the most of these safe rooms by going to save as many times as you deem necessary. This is the only way to avoid repeating sections that have already been completed over and over again.

5 - Pockets too small

The inventory of our protagonist is unfortunately quite small: the objects we can take with us on our trips to the villa are very few and we must therefore be good at understanding what is really essential and what we can leave behind. In the course of our adventure we may be forced to give up some items not managing well the slots at our disposal. Fortunately in the safe rooms we mentioned above there are some big crates in which we can deposit all the unnecessary items we want, after closing the crate we will find them in all the deposits of all the safe rooms scattered around the villa.

Always remember to combine objects when you have the chance, this way you will free a slot that you can use differently (combining herbs and chemical fluids, for example, you will quickly get a healing liquid).

That's all for the moment, of course we invite you to stay with us for all the updates and news on Resident Evil VII and follow the other guides that we will publish in the coming days. Survival is hard at Villa Baker, a place full of worms, instruments of death and old people eager to tear you to pieces. Grit your teeth and go on room after room, because freedom and salvation will always be within your reach...

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