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Then we offer you a few essential tips so that in each game of Sonic Dash you gomore meters, collect more coins and objects and, ultimately, to get the best scores. Sonic Dash is important to collect rings for several reasons. First because they are the currency to buy upgrades in the game, and second because a handful of rings you make sure continue playing even if you attack.   As well, as in the classic Sonic games, if you hit you with an enemy you let go all the rings but you'll be able to continue playing. That Yes, may in a game you have collected many rings but you miss them. These lost rings already will not go to yourloot, so it is important to go them ensuring during the same heading.

  Sonic Dash Online To make rings, when you approach a precipio in which you must choose an impulse spring (the moment you show in the picture) go to him who has the poster of the ring. This option does not appear you always, but yes several times during eachgame, take advantage of it!   Bumping into enemies makes you just drop rings, but if you hit yourself with a large structure or you fall into the water you die. However, Sonic Dash always gives you an extra chance. The first time you die in a game, a video select button looks torevive free. This takes you to view an advertisement for just 10 seconds which in turn let you keep playing.   That Yes, to revive Sonic the second time on the same heading will be charged with special coins. I do not recommend it, compensates for more repeat the startingpay for playing. Sonic has a special meter that makes him to roll a bit faster and being invulnerable. To rise faster, move quickly from left to right level and, above all, derriva normal enemies rolling over them. Few more combos do, faster will grow your meter.   Some spring activated with a final boss battle. Don't panic with this, since they have little to do these fights with the complex struggles of classic games. Battles withbosses in Sonic Dash does not cease to be the same thing you're doing all the time but from a different perspective: it's Dodge parts as the character advances.

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Concentrate and observe in what directions attacks the opponent, to move Sonic immediately. You have enough time to do so, the first part of the level, when you see Sonic's face, both in the second with Sonic on his back. Finally, finish off the opponent is as easy as playing the parts of the screen are displayed with diana.   Save rings in Sonic Dash is complicated, so I recommend that you think about it well before you spend them. If you think investing some rings when you go to the shop go to improvements .Las improvements section are items which are activated in your character permanently, improving aspects of the game such as the duration of Sonic powers.   Why I do not recommend you spend in powers of single use? Maybe because they don't compensate really, and more if we consider that in your games you will be able to collect some special powers for use on the go.   The currency of the game are the Red Star, which may be obtained free fulfilling missions. As hard to get them for free, I do not recommend to spend them on objects single use or buy an object to revive Sonic, since with patience, you will get better scores.

Tips for Sonic Dash

Book them for really special things, how to increase your personajes.Como collection occurs in Subway Surfers, Sonic Dash also comprises missions and daily challenges. Comply with them means to get rings, powers, and various gifts.To view the available missions and progress go to the rewards section. In addition, if you access the roulette once a day you will have a free circulation that will giveyou a juicy prize. And in the Awards section, you'll know what you'll get every day just to play and meet targets.   As well, to make sure that you do not miss a gift, go at least once a day to Sonic Dash, even just to collect rewards.

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