Candy Crush Friends Saga is the new game from the famous Candy Crush franchise. The game has been developed and distributed by King and is available for Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows.

Available: Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS
Gender: Logic
Players: One player
Launch date: 23 August 2018


Trailer of Candy Crush Friends Saga + Images of the game

With updated graphics, fun game modes and lots of characters to help you get through hundreds of levels. Your Candy Crush friends are spread all over the Kingdom of Candy. Play this game of skill and combinations to find them. Each friendly character has a special power that will help you to make sweet combinations of candies and to remove the blockers. Below we provide you with the official trailer of the game so you can start to understand how it works.

Swap and combine candies to unlock rewards, friends and a sweet collection of costumes! The more candies you collect, the more power you have on the board. Here are some images of the game to help you get familiar with it.

Tricks and tips for Candy Crush Friends Saga

This game is very simple and easy to understand, as you only have to complete levels with the same mechanics. However, there are some points that would be good for you to know. That’s why we leave you with some tips and tricks on how the game works.

  • Choose your friends wisely and with your head. Each of the characters has their own special power that is activated when you put certain sweets together. Study the skills of each one to be able to choose well.
  • Each level has a goal, discover it. Beyond the general objective of the game (collecting candies) but each level has objectives that help to get more points and increase the number of final stars if completed.
  • Special candies form. In Candy Crush Friends Saga you can create special candies that help to get more points by joining and combining different types of candies.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings, Candy Crush Friends Saga will help you in everything.

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Basic guide to start playing Candy Crush Friends Saga

The Candy Crush Friends Saga game is very intuitive and basic however it is very important to take into account a number of basic points to start playing this game. Below we provide you with a tutorial on how to play this game.

Analysis of Candy Crush Friends Saga

Candy Crush Friends Saga is a very dynamic, original and fun game. Now that you have a basic idea of how this game is we are going to provide you a more specific analysis of the pros and cons of this game:


  • Power of different intelligence in the player
  • Apt for all audiences
  • Playability>strong> dynamic and easy>/strong>>/li>


  • It can cause addiction
  • It can cause distress if a level is not passed
  • Too many levels, too difficult to complete

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