Tiny Toons Adventures NES cheats

Tiny Toon Adventures it's a platform video game developed and published by Konami in 1991 for Nintendo Entertainment System.

This is the first video game in the Tiny Toon series Adventures never produced. The player initially controls Buster Bunny (Bugs Bunny) in an attempt to rescue Babs Bunny from his kidnapper, Montana Max. Before each world to face, the player can choose an alternate character with which to exchange Bugs Bunny's in the moment he finds a special star that allows this operation. These three alternate characters are: Dizzy Devil, Furrball and Plucky Duck.
The three boast peculiar characteristics not possessed by Buster Bunny, who can however jump higher than the other three characters. In Tiny Toons Adventures there are 6 worlds (The Hills, The Wetlands, The Trees, Downtown, Wackyland and Max's Mansion), each consisting of 3 levels. At the end of the third level of each world, you must face the battle with a final boss.

At the title screen, press A, A, A, B, B, B, SELECT, SELECT, SELECT, A and START. The stage selection screen will now appear.
Doing so will also unlock bonus content: Duck Vader will appear as a secret final boss.

First, collect a number of carrots that is a multiple of 11. Then grab an end-of-level key and Duck Vader's spaceship will pick you up from the map screen.

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