Time Soldiers - Master System cheats and codes

Time Soldiers, which in Japan is better known as Battle Field, is a run'n gun video game developed in 1987 by Alpha Denshi and published in that period by SNK. The game was distributed outside of Japan by Romstar.

Time Soldiers came converted from the arcade version to numerous platforms, including Sega Master System, Amiga, Commodore 64 and Atari ST. The game can be played both in single player mode and by two players simultaneously.
The players shoot at the enemies, who are lurking in every part of the screen: you can move in 8 directions and shoot in a certain direction even when moving in the opposite direction. A bit like in another title that almost everyone knows, Ikari Warriors.

The plot sees the protagonist travel through time to save his companions from the evil Gylend. each of the 5 levels is set in a different historical era: The prehistoric age, the Roman age, the world wars, the modern age and the future world. Our protagonists can move in spacetime through a device called "D-Scanner". At the end of the various levels we find the classic end-stage bosses, which once defeated allow us to free one of our fellow soldiers.

At the Game Over screen, press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, Button 2 to continue. You can repeat this operation up to 3 times.

When Player 1 has his last life, have Player 2 join the game. If Player 1 dies, the game can be continued by playing Player 2.

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