Thunder Force III Mega Drive cheats

Thunder Force III it's a videogame shooter sliding developed by Technosoft and released in 1990 in Japan, Europe and the United States for the console Sega Mega Drive.

This is the third chapter of the Thunder Force series, which also in 1990 also appeared as an arcade version with the name of Thunder Force AC, while in 1991 it also debuted on SNES with the title of Thunder Spirits. This third chapter introduces the removal of the multidirectional control spacecraft, replacing it with the classic control typical of horizontal scrolling shooters.
The player can choose which of the five starting planets (Hydra, Gorgon, Seiren, Haides and Ellis) to start from. After the first 5 stages, the game continues with 3 more levels set in the ORN headquarters. In Thunder Force III we find some weapons already seen in TF II, sometimes slightly modified but substantially similar.

Others, on the other hand, are absolutely new and exclusive to this chapter. When you lose a life, only the weapon you were using at that time is destroyed, while the others remain available for the next life. This as long as you play in normal mode, because any difficulty level higher, when you die you lose all the weapons accumulated. Another novelty is the adjustment of the speed of our spaceship, which can be increased or decreased at will with the simple use of a button. 
The story is pretty simple and classic, if you like. Despite the successes of the previous chapters, the Galactic Federation has not completely defeated the ORN Empire, which has installed implants on 5 planets, so as to divert the real position of their headquarters. Now it's up to Styx, the player-controlled spacecraft, to set out on a mission as risky as it is vital to the Federation's survival.

During the game, pause and press: UP x10, B, DOWN x2, then repeatedly press B until the weapon bar is full. Press A to enable special weapon. This trick must be repeated if you lose a life.

Connect the second controller and you can both control the ship.

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