Three Dirty Dwarves Sega Saturn password and cheats

Three Dirty Dwarves it's a 2D scrolling fighting game developed in 1996 for the console Sega Saturn from the software house Appaloosa Interactive. In the game you can control three characters at the same time.

These are the dwarves Greg, Taconic and Corthog; obviously each dwarf has his own abilities and his characteristic weapon. During the game, you can switch between them by simply pressing a button, or you can use the three characters at the same time. The three dwarves were summoned by a group of kids playing the boxed game Dungeons & Dragons.
The boys, however, have been kidnapped and you, armed with shotgun, baseball bat with related balls and bowling ball, must save them. The enemies are very particular and range from haunted houses to other bizarre monsters. During the game you will find the Dungeons & Dragons dice. In Three Dirty Dwarves, strikes work like this: every time a dwarf is hit, he will go out and remain stunned until another dwarf regains consciousness.

There are not energy bar systems, unlike almost all fighting video games of the time.

To access the passwords screen, go to the OPTIONS menu and press L + R at the same time.

Log in to the password screen and enter the “MOSHOLU” password here in order to select the level from which to start.

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