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Theme Park it's a management video game developed by Bullfrog Productions and published by Electronic Arts in 1994 for PC and other platforms including the Sega Mega Drive/ Genesis.

In practice it is the simulation of the management of a funfair. The video game had two sequels: in 1999 Theme Park World was released and in 2001 Theme Park Inc. was released. theme parks. From scenario to scenario the player must accumulate money, buy new parks and eventually become the world leader in the sector.
The view in Theme Park is isometric while the order of the scenarios to be faced can be decided by the player, also based on their financial resources at the moment. Some parks, in fact, cost more than others and are really prohibitive to buy at the beginning of the game. In addition to the attractions, in your amusement park you can build bathrooms, sandwich shops, ice cream parlors and facilities for the management of personnel, ranging from ecological operators to guards. The attractions There are over 30 available in Theme Park. Impossible not to mention at least a few, for example the bouncy castle, the haunted house, the roller coaster, the tree house, the Ferris wheel and the bumper cars.

A fundamental role in the game is reserved for research and innovation: the more funds you allocate to development, the larger and more beautiful your attractions and the park as a whole will be. The shops will sell more refined and tasty foods, the entertainers will be more fun and so on. But beware of the thugs, whose only goal is to deface the park and sabotage your attractions, which for the record also require the necessary routine maintenance.

Go to the password screen and enter the following codes.
Name: zarkon
Password: pan6caa85t9

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