The Surge 2 | Boss Guide, Mechanics and Location

The Surge 2 like any self-respecting soulslike is a video game that within it hides a plethora of different bosses, one more angry than the previous and all sharing the same terrifying feature: an endless desire to scalp us and stick it on their cybernetic fireplace between one clash and another. To try and help you complete the game we've decided to create a comprehensive guide to each boss in the game, trying to show you a viable way to kill them.

If you want to know how to kill all the bosses of the video game in question don't worry and keep reading this guide, getting ready to listen to a lot of hours of videos on the subject.

The Surge 2 is the sequel to a popular and underrated soulslike svilupapto from Deck 13, the only one among those present in the market to mix a sci-fi setting with numerous fantasy legacies and gameplay based on the min/maxing of the states, as well as the goodness of the reflexes and the recognition of the attack patterns of the opponents.


It's impossible to talk about all the bosses The Surge 2 without running into some spoilers as the names of the enemies themselves recall characters you'll hear over and over again during the title's narrative unfolding.

The Surge 2 - slate

Here are all the bosses of The Surge 2 soulslike developed by Deck 13.

The Surge 2 | Boss Warden Garcia

Location: Detention Center

Strategy: The first boss The Surge 2 is a great starting point that lets the player know right away that the new Deck 13 title doesn't screen much. The boss in question is able to attack both from close range and long distance thanks to the presence of the drone and, since we meet him during the very early stages of the game, we will find ourselves without the right equipment to deal with a boss fight of this caliber. To take down Garcia you have to play very defensively and try to avoid as many attacks as possible instead of parrying them, given our low level of resistance. To protect ourselves from drone attacks we can use the columns that are located near the door from which we entered, tired well careful not to trust the computer racks that are in the central part of the arena. Practice with his jump attack to understand when to attack and hammer him as much as possible to recharge the batteries.

The Surge 2 | Boss Little Johnny

Location: Port Nixon

Strategy: Little Johnny, the mechanical spider, is one of the candidates to be included in the list of the most complicated bosses to kill in 2019. This boss is the second one that is met by the player during the course of the story and it's quite complicated; first of all you have to hit him in five different points because he doesn't have a normal life bar but a bar that indicates how the cooling of the mecha on which he moves, secondly the damage he does for the moment of the game in which you meet him are extremely high and this will bring you in front of different game over, all children of the greed of the player. In order to shoot down little johnny you need to shoot down the three legs on which you support dodging the dunk and attacking later, once all three legs are on the ground it will be time to attack the cooling pumps connected to the central body; in doing so we recommend you to use extensively also the offensive capabilities of the drone, so as not to risk too much death by focusing on one of the two pumps.

The Surge 2 | Boss Brother Eli (first meeting)

Location: Port Nixon

In order to face this bossfight it is necessary to return to Brother Eli after facing Little Johnny, after some lines of dialogue the confrontation will begin.

Strategy: One of the easiest bosses in the video game interior is Brother Eli at our first encounter. In this specific bossfight our favorite guru will do nothing but worship us with his weapon and attack us in a fairly predictable way using physical attacks that can be parried even without having to go crazy. The physical attacks to parryare are those that perform sideways and therefore you can safely give up the directional parry system to find out how to take down this nice figure. Don't let yourself be intimidated by the henchmen who will show up in the bossbattle after taking away Eli's life, ignore their ranged attacks and continue to hammer the main target until you see him fall to the ground.

The Surge 2 | Boss Captain Cervantes

Location: Gideon's Rock

Strategy: Captain Cervantes is one of the toughest bosses in the entire game and is responsible for a lot of game overs around the world. Captain Cervantes is able to move at very high speed throughout the game map, becoming invisible when needed; he is able to do stunts that can confuse his patterns and also has dangerous area attacks. When it becomes invisible it is necessary to bring your concentration to the maximum because, without any target, it is easy to lose your position within the map and get stuck somewhere. When he comes out of invisibility, the captain releases bombs that can stun the player, preventing him from moving or caring and complicating things further. If we add to this a well-stocked arsenal of medium and long distance attacks with jumps and stunts and a certain reticence to remain calm, we have a more than complete picture of the situation. The friendly captain we're dealing with is a boss who needs stats, weapons and armor upgraded as much as possible, which is why you're likely to find yourselves scraping technology at Gideon's Rock to try and get the most out of your equipment.

The Surge 2 | Boss Delver

Location: Gideon's Rock

Strategy: The boss Delver is the monstrous figure we've met over and over again without ever arguing during the very first stages of the game and is the boss with the most life bars in the title. The delver itself has three different shapes depending on the life bars consumed, depending on the shape it has has different attack patterns and physical appearance. The first form is difficult but containable, the second form is the one that will certainly end up giving the most problems to the player while the third, curiously, is the easiest to manage during combat. The second form has a 'very high speed of movement with which he ends up jumping like a madman from one side to another of the arena without giving the player the opportunity to counterattack seriously, to overcome this problem is necessary to study the attack pattern of the form and be able to understand when the boss will stop and when it will continue to jump and attack our character.

The Surge 2 | Boss Metal Armor

Location: A I D Command

Strategy: Metal Armour is a bossfight in stages, first we will deal with the giant robot and then with its content, Major General Ezra Shields. During the battle with Metal Armour our goal will be to survive the bursts of ranged shots that the armor will shoot at us (flamethrowers and lasers as you like) and then get closer. When we are close to the armor the latter will try to kick us away with a very slow but extremely dangerous attack, avoiding the attack you will have the opportunity to settle some shots to the mecha. To avoid lasers and flamethrowers our advice is to use the boxes scattered around the battlefield as a makeshift hideout, balancing offensive moments with defensive ones with skill.

The Surge 2 | Major General Boss Ezra Shields

Location: A I D Command

Strategy: Major General Ezra Shields is the boss immediately following the destruction of Metal Armour; as a boss he has a lot of melee attacks that aren't particularly effective, which is why with a good defense you can stay close to him and damage it all the time without being afraid of deadly attacks. You have to be very careful with the laser attack that will come directly from the above mechanical armor, which is why we recommend that you always have a metal case close to you to take cover behind to avoid exploding. The laser attack in question is slightly telegraphed but is not very easy to dodge.

The Surge 2 | Boss Delver Echo Alpha

Location: Undeground, appears when you approach a crate in a large room.

Strategy: The Delver Echo Alpha is the most complicated of the delvers inside The Surge 2 and will certainly make all players who come across this shady figure made of metal and darkness see the stars. The first time you arrive in the area you can meet him but you don't need to defeat him to continue, which is why we recommend you try to face him the second time you find yourself having to pass through the area in question.

The Surge 2 | Boss Brother Eli (second meeting)

Location: CREO Institute Of Technology

Once in the lobby of the CREO Institute Of Technology will arrive limping our nice friend Elì who will immediately try to attack us without passing through cutscenes or similar artifices, this could confuse you in believing him an ordinary enemy.

Strategy: Here again our dear Brother Eli is a low caliber boss who won't cause any problems for the player. His attack characteristics have remained almost unchanged since the first time you've dealt with him and this time too he'll mainly try to skin the player by attacking him with his weapon. The attack patterns are slightly varied and may surprise the player at first encounter with the boss, but don't let that worry you. With good armor and a fast weapon you will be able to continuously charge your batteries so that you always have a cure at hand and solve this bossfight as well.

The Surge 2 | Boss Delver Echo Gamma

Location: Downtown Jerico City - Central Plaza (after taking the cable car through Calamity Square)

The third Delver boss you will meet during the course of is The Surge 2 , curiously enough, the weakest of his species. The boss in question has ranged and melee attacks like his two beta and alpha buddies but executes them at a much lower speed, giving us time to dodge the whole thing and move on to counterattack with our strongest weapons. Due to the high number of HP this boss could be time consuming to throw down but strategically speaking we are dealing with one of the simplest of the entire game, we are still far from having to rage.

The Surge 2 | Heavenly Matriarch Boss

Location: Cathedral Of The Spark - Inner Sanctum

Strategy: The celestial matriarch is a boss who, despite being halfway through the game, has a disappointing damage output, can't worry almost anyone, and with easily dodgeable attacks. In order to take down this boss it is simply necessary to avoid the most dangerous attacks, such as the charge of the matriarch and then counterattack with all our repertoire of moves during the period of immobility of the boss. If you have a good level of defense sometimes it will not even serve to dodge the blows, simply attack your opponent taking care of the need using the charges of your battery.

The Surge 2 | Boss Delver Echo Alpha (second meeting)

Location: Undeground

Strategy: The second time we are forced to go underground will be the right time to have a chat with our friend Delver. This boss, just like the basic version, attacks very quickly and is difficult to hit. If we get too close he will use explosions that inflict damage of the dwarf type, complicating our lives while from a distance will remain an enemy difficult to catch. What we advise you to do is to equip a fast and long-range weapon, able to keep us at a safe distance from its explosions. Attack quickly and avoid being greedy to keep you as safe as possible from its attacks and patterns.
Remember again, the boss is optional.

The Surge 2 | Boss H A R O L D

Location: CREO Instituto Of Technology

Strategy: H A R O L D is a boss who cleverly mixes ranged and melee attacks to try to overpower his opponent. In his arsenal he has elemental Dwarf and melee attacks, which is why he needs at least a high degree of resistance to at least one of the two attributes and is able to inflict a large amount of damage without thinking twice. Although with a high degree of defence it is possible to attack him at almost any time, H A R O L D stays still for a couple of seconds every time he jumps behind before charging, when it is possible to inflict a good amount of damage without having to worry about his attacks.

The Surge 2 | Boss Goddess Helena

Location: A I D Command

Strategy: The first big thing you notice when you come into contact with this cute, fully armed robot is its shield, so threatening and seemingly impenetrable. In practice Goddess Helena's shield isn't particularly strong and goes down with a single heavy attack loaded to the max, much less than you'd expect. With the shield down the opponent's robot will do nothing but attack us with a couple of extremely damaging blows, capable of overcoming thicker armor and inflicting dwarf damage. These two hits should be avoided by dodging and equipping an armor against dwarf damage will help mitigate the damage inflicted by the boss during the course of the fight.

The Surge 2 | Boss Archangel Eli

Location: The Great Wall - Dreamspace (location reachable only for this final fight)

Strategy: Once again our friendly Eli, despite achieving Archangel status, won't be able to make the player more worried. Yes, it is true, this time the damage is much more and the attacks more fearsome but the final bossfight is not particularly complicated if we add all the factors of the case. Between an attack and the other our threatening mechanical archangel will give us all the time necessary to deliver the blows needed to recharge the battery and will have attack patterns far from the complexity of the final bosses of other video games soulslike, if we add to this the power level reasonably reached after thirty hours of enemies shot down by slaps then the defeat will be the only natural result for the situation in which Eli will have gone to hunt.

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