The Sims 4 :Guide to How to get the Cowplant All About

In order to get the Cowplant in the The Sims 4 first place you have to get the seed of the plant.

As many of you will know, the seeds in The Sims 4 you get by going fishing. You do not need a particularly high level of fishing (the fourth is enough), but know where to go fishing for a particular object.

In this case you have to go to the Desert Blossom district.

As soon as you arrive you cross the park behind you with the camera, and always move the camera over the mountain range.

At this point you will see some benches and some ponds. What interests you to fish for the seed of the Cowplant is the pond as high as possible, you can recognize it through this video:

Now all you have to do is fish, WITHOUT using any particular bait.

The time it will take you to catch the seed of the  Cowplant is perfectly random, but within 10 minutes at most (game speed 3 though) we have succeeded.

The advice is to fish more than one seed so that you can plant several plants of this type in your garden.

Once you get the seed of the cow plant go home and plant it, wait a few days Sims and the plant will become big and cuddly!

The interactions you can make with the cow plant in fact make it the ideal friend and playmate, see to believe!

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