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The roulette of luck in Spain It seems like a lie that almost 30 years have passed since the beginning of a program called "La roulette de la suerte" on Spanish television, a program that came long before, in 1975, from the American television called "Wheel of fortune" or Roulette de la fortuna, a format that was very successful in the country of the cradle of the game and that undoubtedly laid the foundations for the program that began broadcasting in Spain in 1990 on antenna 3. We could say that in Spain there are two periods, a first and second stage that would constitute the 90€?s (both in antenna 3 and telecinco) as well as a second period that has been going on since 2006, that is, about 10 years of broadcasting.

Fortune roulette concept

The program is based, a priori, on a very simple but fun concept and from which many different phases can be made. One of the big reasons why it has continued on the small screen is that it has been updated as time has gone by. Fortune roulette is a contest in which a phrase or words are presented to the contestants and they have to guess by consonants the whole phrase. Each time you hit a consonant, you win a series of points that can be exchanged for vowels to facilitate the contestants the total resolution of the phrase. 

Game mechanics

One of the novelties, and that is why the program of antenna 3 is named, is that the contestants each time they want to say a consonant will have to spin a roulette, the roulette of luck, consisting of segments that can bring you both good and bad luck. If an economic figure appears in the roulette, then you have had good luck and the contestant will be able to say a consonant. If the consonant is in the phrase, the number of times it appears will be multiplied by the number you touched on the roulette wheel. Just as you can get good fortune you can also have the bad luck of falling into a panel of bad luck as in the case of bankruptcy which will leave the contestant at zero points and he will take his turn. All the points that are accumulated by the contestant, and if he resolves the sentence, will automatically become a prize in the form of money. All those who have not solved that phrase will have lost it. Only those contestants with a higher amount of money will be able to move on to the last and hardest phase. A last phase which, despite the updates, is based, broadly speaking, on the fact that a series of consonants and vowels have to be said before seeing the phrase and then getting by with the letters that have been correct to solve the phrase.

Roulette open to the public

We could say that this is one of the longest-running programmes on television as it is not easy to get a daily audience so large as to bet on a programme that has been broadcasting non-stop for 10 years. In addition, it is a program open to the public and in which you can attend without problems. Here we will tell you how you can request information for program assistance. To participate in the roulette of luck you have to contact in the information section with the television channel that is now Antena 3 (only in the mid 90s was Telecinco but now returned to be a program broadcast by the channel Atresmedia).

How do I contact you to participate?

To contact the television network we recommend that you go to the website, where you will find all the information and details to participate. You have to go to the section where it says "Do you want to participate in the roulette?" and there you will be given to fill out a form in which you will have to add your name and surname, email, telephone, town and age. Once you have submitted the form, the Roulette de la fortune team will contact you and explain the steps you must follow to be part of the program for a day.

Free Online Games

If we say that the roulette wheel of luck was the first entertainment program broadcast by a private television in Spain, we can also say that today, if you want entertainment, you do not need much more than an Internet connection: we have everything at our fingertips. We can find games like the roulette wheel of luck and most varied online and for free and you can even emulate video games that once seemed impossible to play on any device other than that console. Free online games are a reality today and there is nothing more to see as some of the biggest companies offer freemium games, meaning that the game itself comes to you free; now, if you want all the content you can offer, you have to pay. If in any case you have to pay, we have many ways to get free online games and not only through hacks and programs that do not give you too much confidence, but with websites and other applications that offer you the ability to get points and then redeem these points in very different purchase options such as getting money, prepaid cards or even games, movies and free music. You're not doing anything illegal; you're actually buying it, only that you get it for free by getting a certain number of points.

Application to win free online games

If we had to talk about an application that allows you to get these free online games either roulette type luck or many others and that works really well, we could not fail to name Gums Up, an app in which you can get these free games by doing actions such as answering surveys, apps and being active in the community to get some points called "Gums" that can be redeemed for different types of free prizes mentioned above. It is easy, simple and intuitive, does not require much time and you can get any free online game without much effort, legally and without any danger.

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