The Revenge of Shinobi - Mega Drive cheats

The Revenge of Shinobi, also known as Shinobi II: The Revenge or Super Shinobi (in Japan), is a video game developed and published by SEGA to Sega Mega Drive in 1989.

This is the first chapter of Shinobi developed expressly for Sega Genesis, although it was later converted also for Mega-Tech. The game is the sequel to Shinobi and boasts a soundtrack that bears the signature of composer Yuzo Koshiro. The Revenge of Shinobi is also included in the Mega Games 2, Mega Drive 6 Pak, Sega Classics Arcade Collection and Sega Smash Pack compilations.
The story is set 3 years after Shinobi's, with the Zeed criminal organization reforming and taking the name of Neo Zeed. These evildoers decide to take revenge on the Oboro Ninja clan and Joe Musashi by killing the latter's master and kidnapping his wife, Naoko. Joe learns of the plan from the dying master and sets out in search of his enemies, with the intent of saving his beloved.
The game is a classic horizontal sliding platform: the player, in the role of Joe, must complete 8 districts before the final confrontation with the leader of the Neo Zeeds. Each district is made up of 3 scenes and at the end of each district the usual one has to face end level boss.

If you want to earn 30.000 bonus points, be sure to complete a level with eleven times more shurikens than you have available lives.

In the second stage of the fourth level, shoot the base of the first conveyor belt. A special Musashi symbol will appear. Jump on the conveyor belt and let it carry you to the end. You will lose a life but you will gain 2. You can repeat this operation as many as you want.

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