The Outer Worlds: Weapons Guide | Which are the Best

There is a wide variety of weapons, including pistols, machine guns, rifles and unique weapons, in The Outer Worlds and choose is not always easy, considering that the game situations and enemies are also very varied and require different approaches. In a first-person role-playing game set in an apocalyptic sci-fi world, the variety of the arsenal is a very important prerogative.

In this guide, we help you to select the best weapons, both standard and science, which we will go into in a specific paragraph.

Standard pistols have basic names such as "Assault Rifle", "Light Machine Gun", "Tactical Rifle", etc. You can find lots of them and, looking in your inventory, you can check their characteristics. As you progress through the game, you'll come across improved versions of the basic weapons, indicated by acronyms like "Mk2" and "Ultra".

The Outer Worlds puts a vast arsenal in the player's hands. Each enemy has its vulnerabilities and strengths that make it untouchable by certain types of weapons. You must carefully choose the best weapon on every occasion to emerge victorious from every fight (unless you want to finish the game without firing a shot).

The Outer Worlds | What are the best weapons

Guide to Weapons | The types of damage inflicted

There are five different types of damage that you can inflict with your weapons in The Outer Worlds . All types of weapons have their advantages and disadvantages, so the advice is not to get stuck on a single weapon, although very powerful and performing, but to change often depending on the enemies you run into if you want to act with maximum efficiency.

Below, we've briefly described the damage you can inflict and the enemies that suffer that type of damage the most.

  • Physical: Basic damage, effective against marauders, the most common enemies, but don't have much incidence against enemies with armor
  • Plasma: Big advantage against organic human enemies, but weak against Mantisaurs and Raptidons.
  • Corrosion: give an advantage against armor, including mechanical guards, Mantisaurus, Raptidon and heavy armor
  • Shock: Advantage against mechanical guardians
  • N-Ray: Big advantage against armor, but weak against inorganic enemies. Inflicts damage to an enemy, who continues to damage enemies around him.
Each weapon has its own firing mode that inflicts a type of damage. So there are shock weapons that inflict damage from electricity and weapons that corrode enemies and so on. Then there are the science weapons that have very special effects.

The Outer Worlds | Best standard weapons

Plasma cutter

When it comes to the best melee weapons in The Outer Worlds the game, the Plasma Cutter definitely wins. This one-handed melee sword can be shaken quickly and, as expected, inflicts severe plasma damage. You can also attach both a Mod Grip and Attack type, which makes the Plasma Cutter one of the best melee weapons to use during the game.

Thunder Assault Rifle

One of the best weapons The Outer Worlds is the standard assault rifle. It uses heavy ammunition and has 24 bullets in a magazine, each of which inflicts significant damage. You can install an additional magazine and mods that make it effective in many situations.

When you arrive at base C3 near Devil's Peak on Monarch, you'll find the only assault rifle called Thunder sitting on the table inside the building. This causes shock damage and can easily carry the player to the end of the game.

Hammersmith Tactical Rifle

Indispensable when it is time to approach and engage the enemy face to face... and then blow it up. The Hammersmith tactical rifle is powerful and relentless. This weapon is perfect against Mantisaurs or Marauders who come in waves and run towards you, especially if you enable the tactical time dilation mode and hit weak spots. You can install various types of mods to beautify it and make it even more effective.

Spacer's Choice MK2 light machine gun

In a guide to the best weapons you can't miss at least one light machine gun. You'll probably have a huge amount of light ammunition because they're the most common, while heavy ammunition and energy ammunition are harder to find. In that case, pull out a light machine gun and disintegrate your enemies without giving them time to react. Spacer's Choice MK2 is an improved version of the standard one.

Jach Flamethrower

This flamethrower uses energy ammo. It inflicts severe burn damage, of course it does, and it's perfect for inflicting damage over time on multiple enemies at once. You can also install a Magazine type mod or inflict a specific type of damage other than fire, such as Shock or Corrosion.

The Outer Worlds | Best Scientific Weapons

Prismatic Hammer

A hammer with a strong stage presence that launches a wave of energy and can be found on the Pioneer. It is located in the secret engine room of the ship, you can access it from a hole in the crew quarters.

Mandibular Rearranger

A kind of truncheon capable of throwing off enemies and inflicting a lot of physical damage. Buy the Datapad mission object from Gladys on the Pioneer ship and you will be called to find it in a safe in a mining outpost on Scylla.

gloop gun

Inflicts shock damage and levitates the enemy while inflicting damage to nearby enemies. Not only is it effective, but it also turns out to be one of the best weapons from the feedback point of view, walking around with the Gloop gun is really fun.

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