The Outer Worlds | How to Use the Holographic Shroud

The Outer Worlds is a game that gives you the opportunity to deal with every situation as you wish. One of these options is stealth and there are many ways to go unnoticed, including using the holographic Shroud, a very original and very useful object.

Using it isn't difficult, but you have to follow a couple of rules to get the most out of it.

The Outer Worlds | How to use the holographic Shroud

Where is the holographic Shroud

The holographic Shroud is an object that you soon get in The Outer Worlds, just go to the second planet of the game, Terra 2.

When you board your ship, make sure you go up to the second floor and look into Hawthorne's cabin. Inside, you'll find the precious item.

Now that you've collected it, you'll be able to use the holographic Shroud at any time.

The holographic Shroud is a tool for the player who wants to act unseen. In a title like The Outer Worlds that gives the player the choice to act as they like, the holographic Shroud is one of the most interesting and useful additions. The Shroud projects an image that acts as a disguise.

How the holographic Shroud works | Where to find the cartridges

The object allows you to project a holographic image as a disguise to traverse undisturbed areas. This usually happens during specific missions or story segments, the real problem is that you need to have the correct ID cartridge.

You'll usually find these ID cartridges in the area you need to enter, so look around until you find it. Sometimes, however, you will get ID cartridges by talking to NPCs, such as the owner of the general store in Fallbrook who gives you an ID cartridge at the Boarst Factory.

Anyway, if you need a cartridge, you'll find it somewhere. Just look.

The Shroud needs cartridges to work. You can find them in the game world and they are often hidden in the place where you will need to use the holographic Shroud.

How to use the holographic Shroud

Now that you have the cartridge, you can simply walk into the reserved area, which will display an indicator at the bottom of the screen.

At this point you can carry out the mission and leave the area before the indicator runs out, otherwise the enemies will be aware of your intrusion. If your powers of persuasion are high enough, you may be able to get out even if your enemies have discovered you, but it's best not to tempt fate.

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