The Outer Worlds | Guide to Trophies and Achievements

If the latest project from the developer of Fallout: New Vegas has awakened your desire to hunt for trophies, this guide is for you. In the following lines, you'll find all the instructions you need to unlock all the achievements in the game, so you can unlock your platinum trophy as quickly as possible.

Before we go into the list of achievements, it is important to make a premise: THE FOLLOWING GUIDE CONTAINS THE SPOILER ON THE GAME The Outer Worlds ! Based on what has now been said, continue reading further at your own risk.

Beyond the missing trophies, there are also trophies related to the level of difficulty at which you will complete your adventure. Please note that The Outer Worlds it must be completed, for the purpose of the platinum trophy, at the Super Nova difficulty level, the highest in the game.

Our advice is to complete the first run at Normal difficulty, saving your progress before making important decisions, in order to collect as many storyline trophies as possible. In order to perform certain side quests, in fact, you will be forced to load your saves, especially once you reach the point of no return (which will be properly reported to you by the game).

In case you skip some missions, don't worry too much: you can always do it in a later run, as the game's storyline won't be long at all. Finally, leave the Supernova difficulty level as the last trophy, as it will not be an easy challenge.

The Outer Worlds - Guide to Trophies and Achievements


Friends forever

You have recruited a mate.

The first companion you can recruit, in chronological order, is Parvati, but rest assured: this trophy is practically linked to your progress in the game plot. In any case, we refer you to our guide to companions.

More noise when they fall

You killed a mega creature.

Again, you won't have to worry too much - you'll encounter mega creatures very frequently. These are creatures with more hit points, which inflict more damage and, above all, are much larger than normal. You'll find them in certain areas of the game map, and you'll be sure to find them by making sure that you have the prefix "mega" before its name.

Kill one of them and the trophy is yours.

I've got your back

You killed 50 enemies with the skills of your comrades.

Your teammates' skills will be usable by pressing the e of your play pad. In doing so, the NPCs you decide to share your adventure with will use their skills on the enemies you select as targets. As you've read from the description, this trophy will ask you to kill 50 enemies in this way, so remember to use your allies' skills as often as possible.

Speak up

You used communication skills 30 times in conversations.

As was the case with all of the last few chapters of Fallout, you will also have to show off your oratory skills in The Outer Worlds the game. If you have certain parameters, in fact, you'll be able to persuade the NPCs you'll be talking to, influencing the gameplay or simply unlocking dialogue options that would otherwise be unreachable.

In this case, it won't be at all difficult to use 30 during your adventure. In any case, using disguise, it is also possible to make a farming in a single city, through verification tests.

Little sportiness

You hit 30 enemies in the groin during tactical time dilation.

Again, you can't help but refer to Fallout. As in the Bethesda saga, you'll be able to "stop time" so you can hit enemies at certain points in their bodies to slow their movements or inflict more damage, provided you have the right skills.

To get the trophy in question, you'll have to hit 30 enemies in the groin in this way: nothing more unfair... and fun! To see if you're doing the right thing, know that every shot that "hit the target" will inflict double damage.

Available upgrades

You have improved your equipment 30 times through manipulation and modification.

During the course of the game, you'll come across workbenches that, for the right price, will allow you to manipulate and modify your arsenal. All you have to do is select the weapon you want and make the improvements that suit you best, making it even more lethal or adapted to your approach to the game.

To reach the trophy in question, our advice is to focus on the lower level weapons, which will require you to spend less money.


You killed 50 enemies with stealth attacks.

To make a stealth attack, you must have invested at least 20 skill points in the relevant skill tree entry. This way, you will have the possibility to crouch down and hit your enemies with sneak attacks by positioning yourself exactly behind them. If you want to play it safe, you can also upgrade the skill tree branch for melee combat, so you can inflict more powerful attacks and maybe even help you with tactical time dilation.

Kill 50 enemies this way and the trophy is yours.

Short circuit

You killed 30 auto mechanics with electrical damage.

Electrical damage is one of five types of "elemental damage" that you can inflict during the game. This elemental damage will do its best with robots, inflicting more damage, and against human enemies, stunting them and immobilizing them for a while. To get the trophy, you'll have to kill at least 30 auto mechanics (robots) with electrical damage, which is why you select weapons that inflict this type of damage (you'll find them automatically during your adventure) and fry all the robots that come your way.

Medical Insurance

You used the medical inhaler 300 times.

In this case, you will have to use the medical inhaler 300 times, which will cost you an Adreno charge for each use. However, you do not need to treat yourself, but simply use the inhaler. The best way to do quick farming is to place yourself near a rescue point, use the inhaler as many times as you can, and charge the game: in this way, the game will take into account all the times you have used this medical tool, and you will have all the charges available to use it again.

All down on the ground

You have turned 100 enemies into ash with plasma damage.

Plasma damage is the second elemental damage you'll come across in The Outer Worlds . Plasma weapons give the best of themselves against human enemies and beasts, inflicting a considerable amount of damage and, from time to time, will set fire to affected enemies, turning them into a pile of ash. This is precisely the effect you'll have to get on as many as 100 enemies killed by this type of weapons, which, to be honest, are easy to achieve throughout the game.

All Stars Ball Pounder

You killed 50 enemies with a bat or a blocker.

These are two melee weapons also quite common to find, in the vast game world that will host your adventure. In this case, all you have to do is choose which one to use (the bat is a one-handed weapon, while the blocker is a two-handed weapon) and start killing enemies until you unlock the trophy in question.

Nothing is forever

You sold items worth 10,000 bits to merchants.

You will probably get this trophy of course, without even realizing it. However, if you want to have one less thought in your platinum trophy hunt The Outer Worlds , you can also choose to save the game, sell all your inventory to the first merchant you come across, get the 10,000 bits and load the previous save. In this way, in fact, you'll get the trophy without sacrificing anything of your equipment.

Hero with faults

You got three faults.

Defects are one of the most original game mechanics. After a certain number of actions that will happen to you, the game will ask you if you agree to "have a flaw"; all this in exchange for a skill point. Needless to say, some flaws will carry more weight than others; however, it is always better to have a few more skill points to rely on.

Defect assignment is completely random, so you won't have to perform specific actions or go to certain points on the map. The only thing you will have to do is live your adventure, but rest assured that you will accumulate much more than three flaws.

The best solution

You equipped together clothes, headgear and 4 Space Solutions weapons.

To obtain this trophy, you will need to obtain and wear all the objects indicated in the description. However, if the weapons are quite easy to find (some of them will also be present at Emerald Vale, at the beginning of your adventure), the same cannot be said for the clothes and the headgear. The hibernation suit with which you'll start the game carries the Space Solutions mark, but it doesn't count for the trophy in question.

However, if you want to achieve this achievement in the shortest possible time, you can buy the Worker Outfit and the Miner's Helmet at the General Store that you will always find at Emerald Vale, the first playing area. Equip everything and the trophy will be yours.

Dressed up

You wore 'Nice Hat' and 'Chimera' at the same time.

This trophy will require you to obtain two items of clothing, and wear them together. "A Nice Hat" is located on Monarch in the Stellar Bay area. Head towards the Southern Ruins of the city and reach the first group of buildings. You should find a ruined church in this area, and inside, at the back, you will find "A Nice Hat" on a skeleton against the wall.

"Chimaera" is an item of clothing for which you will have to complete a series of side quests on behalf of a woman from Byzantium, in order to convince her to do so. If you have the Parvati mission in progress, when you need to find her a dress for her appointment, the place where to meet the woman will appear marked on the map. Otherwise, the shop is located in the southwest corner of the Prosperity Plaza area, called Merceria de Jolicoeur.

When you talk to her, first she will want you to model 3 outfits for her: an Iconolast suit, a Marauder suit and a Spacer suit. The first one is the easiest to get, and you can recover it by killing Iconoclast on Monarch if they are hostile, or by buying it from the Quartermaster in Amber Heights. The Marauder Armor, instead, can be looted by the enemy Marauders you'll find on Monarch or Terra 2. The last outfit, however, seems to be a bit more complicated, and probably the game will require you to use Sublight Salvage armor for this purpose, which can be obtained using a "Sublight Contractor Helm" and a "Safecracker's Jacket", easily available and which, if used together, guarantee a +10 to the ability to pick locks. You may also be able to find real Sublight armour for sale in Fallbrook from one of the vendors, as this is the main town of Sublight.

After getting all and the armor, the woman will ask you to collect some items on her behalf. The Raptidon Flank Hide and the Mantiqueen Chitin can be easily found on Monarch, near the sulfur puddle area, as there are many types of enemies roaming around. Primal Leather can be found on Terra 2 in Edgwater, or on Scylla, where you can easily come across this type of enemy. Once you have the required amount of each item, go back to Byzantium and talk to the woman again.

Finally, she will ask you to pick up an item on her behalf, ordered to complete the dress. Follow the markers around, doing a sort of "treasure hunt". Eventually, when you return to the store, you will discover that the woman was killed by UDL soldiers for one reason or another. Look for her body to get the key to the office, then go in and get the dress off the table. Now you can equip both "A Nice Hat" and "Chimaera" to earn this trophy.

Level 30

You've reached level 30 with the character.

Level 30 is the maximum level you can reach in The Outer Worlds . Make sure you complete all the missions, main and secondary, and it won't be a problem to get this trophy.

All for a friend

You have completed the story of a companion.

Just as in The Outer Worlds Fallout, our allied NPCs, with whom we'll share our adventure, will have storylines to complete. The trophy in question will be awarded to you as soon as you've completed all missions related to that character. The first chance you'll have to get the trophy in question is when you can explore Monarch.

Elemental Turbines

You killed an enemy hit by all five types of damage.

Let's start immediately by saying that, in The Outer Worlds , you can inflict five different types of damage:

  • physical harm
  • plasma
  • electric shock
  • corrosive
  • N Ray

While finding weapons capable of inflicting the first four types of damage will be quite easy, in the fifth case you'll have to work a little harder, as the first N Ray type weapon will be found in the Rizzo Lab at Monarch.

In any case, as soon as you get all five weapons you need, go looking for an enemy strong enough to withstand at least five hits. For this purpose, both armoured marauders and all "Mega" creatures will do. As soon as you've found your target, equip your ally with two weapons of different types, either by taking the other three yourself, or by equipping yourself with four of the required weapons, and as soon as you've taken four shots, replacing one with the necessary fifth.

Finally, it is not necessary that the enemy in question should also suffer the effects of the five types of damage: it is only necessary that they are affected by the five weapons in question.

Patient N

You killed 20 infected enemies

This trophy requires you to kill at least 20 enemies with N Ray type weapons. As we said before, this is one of the five types of damage that you can find in the game world. The effect of these rays is to inflict prolonged damage over time to the targets you hit, which in turn will release rays that will hit (and infect) other nearby enemies.

Weapons capable of inflicting this type of damage are quite rare, just as modifications that will allow a weapon to cause this type of elemental damage are rare.


You've increased an ability to 100.

At the beginning of your adventure, you'll be able to increase the level of your abilities in bulk, up to level 50. From that point on, to proceed further, you'll have to invest your skill points on the skill you want to improve. Bring a skill to level 100 and you will get the trophy.

Balanced breakfast

Obtained simultaneous bonuses for meat, carbohydrates, sugary drinks, caffeine and alcohol.

During your travels, you will find different types of consumable items that, as usual, can give you different bonuses. Going to better analyze the objects in question, you will realize that they belong to one of the five types indicated. The trophy asks you to get the bonuses of each category of consumables, all at once; for this very reason, you will have to ingest these consumables all at once, equipping them in your inventory and pressing the button make use of them.

Crazy Scientist

You killed an enemy under the influence of four scientific weapons.

Scientific weapons are a unique type of weapon, you will find five of them throughout the game. They are unique weapons because they are mainly based on your science skills, they cannot be modified, but they can be improved (and their price to improve them will be fixed when you reach level 80 in the Science skill branch in the skill tree). All of these weapons have unique effects that cannot be found on any other weapon, so they can be useful to look for. At the start of the game, there will be a secondary mission assigned to you, called "Weapons from the Void", which will help you reach their positions.

For this trophy, you'll have to kill an enemy while he is under the effect of at least 4 of the weapons in question. In our opinion, this is the most mangy trophy in the game, as the time of effect of scientific weapons is relatively low compared to the time needed to change weapons. Therefore, for the purpose of achievement, you'd better give a weapon of this type to two of your companions, and use the other three yourself. Change your partner's behavior to use only the type of weapon you gave him, and set his behavior to follow you closely and be aggressive.

Find a decently strong enemy, who won't die before you've been able to swap all weapons. Kill any other nearby enemies, then prepare for the main fight. A recommended strategy is to wait for your comrades to start attacking, and then enter the battle yourself; make your first attack normally, and for the second, use the tactical dilatation of time to switch weapons. Changing weapons will not exhaust the dilation, but the attack will.

So, if you make your first attack normally, you should be able to get two more attacks using the other weapons before your time runs out. This will prolong the time the enemy will be affected by the effects of the weapon compared to the time needed to change weapons. Switch to the third weapon and then kill the enemy using it (one of the two in the melee is the best to use for the last one). If the enemy died under the effect of at least 4 of the weapons, you will earn the trophy. If not, you'll have to find another one and try again.

Below is a link to our scientific weapons guide.

Mission impossible

You have passed 3 conversation tests with only one disguise.

In certain areas of the game world, there will be limited access areas where you will not be able to enter normally. For this very reason, you will need to use a disguise. When you are "undercover", you will see a bar at the bottom of the screen, which will download as you move through the area in question. As soon as the bar runs out, you will be stopped by guards, who will ask you about your presence in the area, and you will have to pass a conversation check to avoid being discovered.

You can decide to lie, persuade or intimidate your opponent, and if you are successful, the bar will reset, and you can continue to be disguised. You can only pass three such controls, with increasing difficulty, and the last of them will require a minimum skill level of 60.

The ideal place to get this trophy is at Groundbreaking's office: go around in circles until the bar runs out, stop and pass the three checks. Save your progress before you start, so you can load the game in case of failure.

One for all

You recruited all the comrades.


To obtain this trophy, we refer you to our companion guide.

Lost and Found

You projected Hope.

This trophy is tied to the game plot. You can't miss it.

Pirate radio

You stopped the transmissions from Monarch.

This trophy is linked to the plot of the game, you can't miss it.

The public shudders

You've discovered the baffling truth about the colony.

This trophy is linked to the game plot, you cannot miss it.

Sub-light to the end

You've completed the sublight stories.


The Sub-light is one of the factions you will come across during your adventures in The Outer Worlds . Complete all the missions related to it and you will get the trophy.

World peace

You mediated peace between the Iconoclasts and the ISM.


This trophy and the "Monarch will survive" achievement are alternatives. All this means that, for the purpose of the platinum trophy, you'll have to load some saves made in strategic points of the game or, alternatively, make a second run.

For this trophy, after interrupting radio transmissions and receiving information sent to Phineas, a UDL ship will crash on the planet. Go get the targeting module; at this point you will have to talk to Sanjar and Graham / Zora and tell them to work together for their interests.

You may be able to get Graham to convince himself, or you may choose to prioritize Zora by giving her the logs she is missing, which will lead to the discovery that he orchestrated the pirate attacks. You can then convince Zora to work with Sanjar, if you have a Persuasion skill at level 55, or other skills at that level. Sanjar can then be asked (and persuaded) to work with Zora if you saw his report from the computer that he asked you to delete when you received the BOLT. You can talk to them by meeting them in the OSI church located just outside the city, where you can practically give mostly neutral and encouraging answers, to get them to discuss and agree to work together. Once done, you will complete the mission and earn this trophy.

Monarch will survive

You won the Battle of Star Bay.


This trophy and the "World Peace" achievement are alternatives. All this means that, for the purpose of the platinum trophy, you will have to load some saves made at strategic points in the game or, alternatively, make a second run.

For this trophy, after interrupting radio transmissions and sending the information, a UDL ship will crash on the planet to Phineas. Go get the targeting form, then choose to give it to Sanjar or Graham / Zora. In this way, you ally yourself with one of theirs, to defeat the other faction. You will fight from wherever you give the targeting module from, and kill the leader of the other group just outside his power zone. As soon as the opposing leader dies, you will earn this trophy.


You saved the recipe for the biggest diet toothpaste in the universe.


This trophy is obtained during the secondary mission The Doom That Came to Roseway, completing the mission in a specific way. You will get this mission when you are on Groundbreaker, asking for more jobs. Then head to Roseway's location on Earth 2 to respond to a distress signal. A scientist will instruct you to retrieve a toothpaste formula, and to earn this trophy, you'll need to retrieve the recipe and hand it over to him.

During your search, you will come across a bandit who stole the recipe from the safe in had been deposited. In order to get it back, you can either agree to help her and then convince her to give up the item, or simply kill her and seize it - it's all in your hands. Once the recipe is yours, you must return it to Anton to complete the mission. If you lie to him, saying you haven't found it or saying you'll keep it for yourself, you won't earn the trophy and you'll have to do everything from the beginning.

More powerful than the sword

You saved Lungacqua permanently.


This trophy will be obtained in a way that requires you to make some specific choices during the game, up to the point where you earn it. This trophy is an alternative to the "Ludwig was right" achievement, and it's not something you can really set up, so our advice is to aim to get the two trophies in two different runs.

For this trophy at the beginning of the game you must choose to redirect the energy to Edgewater, then convince the deserters to return, but you won't have to have Reed in the city. Through the progression of the story, you'll have to ally yourself with Sophia and the council against Phineas, so once you tackle the mission of radio broadcasts on Monarch, Sophia will congratulate you for helping the city the next time you see it.

You won't have to do anything else for this trophy, which will be awarded to you immediately before you are asked to head to Hope.

Ludwig was right.

You brought robotic destruction to Lungacqua.


This trophy is obtained during the main mission "Foundation". You'll get this mission if you choose to sacrifice Phineas and, at the beginning of the game, either redirect the energy to Edgewater to the Gardens, or convince Reed to resign and let Adelaide conquer the city. After you take care of the radio broadcasts on Monarch, Sophia will ask you to go to Edgewater and date the termination protocol, to have everyone killed by some robots left in the city. Once back in the city, and the robots have cleaned up everything, you will earn this trophy.

A star has been born

You were in an Odeon Productions movie.


This trophy is obtained by completing the secondary mission "At Central", which you will get when you enter Byzantium for the first time. Once you enter the main area, a man named Maverick Johnson will call you, talk to him and agree to his requests to receive the secondary mission.

Head to the Odeon Pictures building marked on the game map, then go upstairs to the marked area, and stay on that spot. You will support some dialogue with the other actor, use your intimidation skills, or simply perform actions that will have consequences (we dispassionately advise against shooting the other person). Once you've finished the scene, go and talk to Maverick again, complete the quest and you'll get the trophy.

The cartographer

You took care of the cartographer.


This trophy is obtained during the secondary mission The Demolished Woman in Byzantium. To get this side mission, you must try to get Phineas to act through Udom Bedford. After you retrieve the seal from Gladys, she will make you go to Byzantium to meet Sophia Akande, who will assign you this side mission.

Sophia will ask you to "take care" of a cartographer named Rachel Lockwood. If you go to her office and break into her office, you will discover that she is hiding in the maintenance tunnels underneath the city. Go down there and "deal with her" as you see fit: this will get you the trophy. Once you've done that, go back to Sophia and you've completed the mission.


You projected Hope into the sun.


To earn this trophy you must, at the beginning of the game, when creating the character, choose to lower your character's Intelligence statistics below average. This will allow you to choose the "Idiot" dialogue option, which is a fundamental requirement for obtaining this trophy. Towards the end of the game, you will return to Hope, which is the ship in which your character was awakened.

When you reach the front of the ship, you'll have to keep reaching any destination in the story you were aspiring to, and you can choose to do it yourself or let ADA do it for you. To earn this trophy, you'll have to specifically select the "Idiot" dialog option after saying you'll do it yourself. You will then be shown a movie, in which you send the ship directly into the Sun, getting a Game Over and unlocking the achievement in question.

The Outer Worlds - Guide to Trophies and Achievements



You have completed The Outer Worlds at the Difficult difficulty.

To obtain this trophy, we refer you to the "Supernova" achievement description.


You have completed The Outer Worlds the Supernova difficulty.

As we have already anticipated, the Supernova difficulty is the highest in the game. What changes compared to the Difficult level? Basically, enemies will inflict more damage to you, having more life points, you will be forced to eat, drink and sleep regularly to stay alive, you can save manually only on board your ship and, in addition, if your allies lose all their life points, they will die, with no possibility of being brought back to life.

Leave this trophy for last, so you can be sure that you understand all the game mechanics of The Outer Worlds .

Everyone likes me

You've achieved the highest positive reputation with 3 factions.

This trophy will be awarded to you when you have reached the 100% positive reputation level with at least 3 different factions in the game.

You will gain a positive reputation by performing actions on behalf of the factions, such as completing missions for the people to them. The first 3 factions you can get the trophy with are Deserter, Spacer's Choice and Groundbreaker. Deserter and Spacer's Choice are both available in the first area of the game, Emerald Vale / Edgewater.

You can maximize both reputation levels by completing all the missions in the area on their behalf, then making it easier for Deserters to return to Edgewater, getting Reed Tobson to agree to resign and allowing Adelaide McDevitt to become leader. As for the Groundbreakers, you'll get the highest level of reputation by completing all available missions before heading to Stellar Bay.

Destroyer of worlds

You've achieved the highest negative reputation with 3 factions.

This trophy will be awarded to you when you have reached a 100% negative reputation level with 3 different factions in the game.

You'll get a bad reputation by performing bad actions against one or more factions, such as completing missions in the most "harmful" way or simply killing the members of that faction. The easiest way to earn this trophy is to do just that: kill a large number of faction members whose negative reputation you want to earn.

If you're trying to get this trophy, and you're near the end of the game, you can even just save and reload the saves you made to travel the map and kill the members of each of the 3 factions, MSI, Iconoclast and Sublight Salvage, which you should be able to find in each of their respective positions (depending on the choices made during the game history).

Enemies in each settlement will all be around level 20, so if you're close to the credits, you should have reached level 30, which will allow you to nimbly move around, cool down anyone who crosses your path and, finally, easily achieve the highest negative reputation for the faction of your choice. Repeat the procedure against three factions and the trophy will be yours.


Killed an enemy with sneak attack of scientific weapon in DTT and critical hit on weak points.

To get this trophy, you will need to take some preliminary steps. First you'll need to unlock sneak attacks, leveling your stealth skills to at least level 20. You can increase the skill in question even further, so you can inflict even more damage, but 20 is the minimum required to actually inflict stealth attacks.

Then, you'll have to find a scientific weapon. These are unique weapons that can be found in the game and their damage is based on your scientific skill level. The first scientific weapon you'll find on Groundbreaker; check its trophy to know where to find all these weapons.

Now, to finally get the trophy, you'll have to equip the weapon you found and kill someone using a stealth attack, while tactical time dilation is active. This all seems to require you to take the shot on a potentially hostile NPC. If you haven't killed them yet, the Outlaws in the Sub Level on Groundbreaker will be the perfect targets, and if they're not openly hostile, paying or persuading Captain MacRedd, you can grab one of the other soldiers from behind and hit him pretty easily. Position yourself behind one of them and activate tactical time dilation, then aim at their head and hit them. If you kill them with a single blow, you earn the trophy.

All for one.

You've completed all the comrades' missions.


To obtain this trophy, we refer you to our companions.

Welcome to Alcione!

You have reached Vallesmeralda.

Trophy linked to the game's storyline, you can't miss it.

Ticket for new horizons

You got your own ship.

Game plot trophy, you can't miss it.

Stinging odor

You've reached Star Bay.

Trophy related to the game plot, you can't miss it.

Paradise found

You've reached Byzantium.

Trophy linked to the game plot, you can't miss it.

Difficult Moments

You've reached Tartarus.

Game plot trophy, you can't miss it.

The Outer Worlds - Guide to Trophies and Achievements


The Outer Worlds

You completed The Outer Worlds at any difficulty.

Game plot trophy, you can't miss it.

The Outer Worlds - Guide to Trophies and Achievements


Platinum trophy of The Outer Worlds

You got all the trophies of The Outer Worlds .

If you have made it this far, it means that you have unlocked all the achievements of the game. Congratulations, you just got the platinum trophy of The Outer Worlds !

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