The Order 1886 - Trophies Guide, How to Get Them

Here is a practical guide to get all the trophies of The Order 1886 . Although getting the Platinum in the game is not particularly difficult, in these videos you will find the best strategies and the best points to achieve the goal required in the trophy!

The Knight Who Was: Complete the game at any difficulty
Precision Masterpiece: Kill five enemies with one blow to the head during Blacksight.

No Prejudice: Kill an enemy using every weapon
Wonders of modernity: Kill 40 enemies using scientifically advanced weapons
Collateral Damage: Kill 3 enemies with a single explosion

Inspector First Class: Find all objects to inspect
Shoot a grenade in midair during Blacksight.


For Your Eyes Only: Kill 100 enemies with one blow to the head.
Pure Concentration: Kill 25 enemies during Blacksight

From Belt: Kill 25 enemies without taking aim.
Scapaccioni: Kill 15 enemies with hand-to-hand attacks.
Silenced: Kill 7 enemies with silent techniques.

Gunslinger: Kill 75 enemies with your guns.
The Hunter: Kill 10 Lycans
Extreme Daring: Incinerate 15 enemies

Archivist: Collect all cylinders for the phonograph
Press Review: Inspect all newspapers
Darkroom: Inspect all photographs and documents
Spirit of Observation: Inspects all objects
Messy: Stun the enemies 30 times using the M2 Falchion
Highly Volatile: Blow up 10 explosive barrels

The Holy Grail : Get all the trophies

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