The Ooze Mega Drive cheats and codes

The Ooze it's a video game developed and distributed in 1995 by Sega Technical Institute for the 16-bit console Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.

In the videogame the player check a gelatinous and shapeless be green in color, who faces numerous enemies and obstacles. The game starts at the chemical plant known as "The Corporation", with scientist Dr. Daniel Caine sneaking into the laboratory where he worked to gather evidence of the company's crimes. Which is using a toxic gas created by Dr. Caine.
The man discovers that his former colleagues are working on Operation Omega, a plan that plans to release one pestilence on the population and to sell the cure for this disease at a high price. Caine is discovered and sentenced to death but the chemicals he comes into contact with do not kill him, but turn him into a shapeless and sentient creature, The Ooze. The being swears revenge on his former colleagues but also wants to find the human form. The Ooze can attack by stretching an end of matter or by spitting, which reduces its size as it spits out a part of itself.

I puzzle to complete to pass from one level to another are numerous and not always easy to solve. An alternate objective of the game is to find 50 propellers, which allows you to witness a game ending very positive.

In the options screen, move to the sound test area (without changing the color scheme). Enter the following order of numbers and press the C key after setting each of them: 
009, 019, 010, 024, 011, 013, 006, 027, 006, 088, 003, 030
If done correctly, you will hear a voice say "Yes!". During gameplay, press the A button and then START to open the level selection menu.

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