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One of the greatest achievements of Blizzard, Hearthstone, will present its new expansion at the end of July from 2016. Come in several expansions and it seems that the universe of Hearthstone will not never end and less if we have in mind that the great sagas of Blizzard like Warcraft, Diablo or Heroes of the storm are lasting many years. That only means one thing and is that Blizzard does good things, knows what is what consumers are looking for and transports it to our screens. Know about trends and mark a before and an after in the industry. Already happened to World of Warcraft and redid it with this card game and according to its developers had much influence of Magic: The gathering. It seems that Blizzard is given well that make video games of cards since we have also as a predecessor to World of Warcraft Trading Card and some companies are trying to move their schemes to other video games as it is that of The Witcher. Hearthstone has to day of today some 50 million of users, that is says soon, and month to month is gaining each time more adept.

And remember that is totally free, only that there are them classic micropayments to which are used in the industry of today and that help to streamline the experience of game. In addition now already them can enjoy on more platforms beyond the pc as tablets or phones which also increases the number of players and opponents that you can beat. Simple words Hearthstone is a video game in which you have a deck of a total of 30 cards, there are cards that just may have classes in concrete. When we speak of classes we refer to typical in role playing games such as the paladin, Mage, priest, etc. There are also neutral cards that them can be used all over the world. Three types of letters, letters of creatures, actions and magic cards and letters of arms actually would exist at a single glance. What is the objective? Attack your enemy with your cards until the life of the rival, which is always 30, reaches zero. Where is the skill in general is in compose a deck in which there is a good strategy to beat the rival. Already has been some expansions of Hearthstone and all have result successful, really the game is has expanded of way amazing, adding more letters, new modes of game and even boards where play. We have to differentiate between adventures and expansions. In the case of adventures have already left: the maldicicion of Naxramas, Black Rock mountain, and The Explorer's League and expansions have Whispers of the ancient gods, The great tournament and Goblins Vs gnomes.

The most noticeable difference is that the adventures, obviously, we are talking about a storyline there while that in expansions quite a few new features not necessarily in addition to include. Get them best decks Hearthstone not is easy since each time there are more letters and have that fight much time to get to the Summit, but not is impossible and it good that has this videogame is that the learning is makes of form very gradual until to get to be all an expert. Blizzard could announce the new expansion soon. In recent weeks they have circulated many rumors about what the new adventure of Hearthstone will be treated. As it is made the invitation published rumors that the adventure is set in Karazhan, a place that many will remember for the Warcraft universe and the last home of Medivh have risen. This adventure may be, like all the others, through the game or real money and currency well insurance that won't let us down. Blizzard hits are subject to a rigorous quality control in all their games and constant upgrades to offer their users a high quality gaming experience.

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