The Legend of Zelda NES cheats and solution

The Legend of Zelda, we say it right away, is one of Games most famous in history: conceived and directed by Shigeru Miyamoto and made Nintendo, is the first episode of the homonymous videogame series.

To inspire this game were the imaginary adventures of Miyamoto himself when he was a child, in the woods behind the house. The Legend of Zelda was initially released for Famicom in 1986 and the following year instead sui NES westerners. The music for the video game is by Kōji Kondō.
The protagonist of the game is the young Link, committed to saving Princess Zelda (a name inspired by that of the writer Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald) from the hands of the evil Ganon. Link must recover 8 fragments of an object known as the Triforce, fragments scattered throughout the kingdom of Hyrule. A game that we do not find it hard to define mythical and for which we reveal some little ones secrets. Play it, breathe it and live it, because more than a mere video game, Zelda is a parallel world!


For this code you need 2 controllers. On controller 1, press Start. On controller 2, press Up + A at the same time. This will bring up the secret save screen.

As soon as you enter Level 1, you exit. Then reenter: you will see that the north door is now unlocked.

On a given screen, kill all but one of the enemies, and the next time you return to that specific screen, it will only be that enemy and not all of the enemies intended by the game.

Before entering Gohma's room, prepare your bow and arrows. Enter the room and quickly shoot an arrow: Gohma will be right in front of you with his eye open and will die with that single shot.

The Legend of Zelda - NES


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