The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D - Mask Guide

The world of Majora's Mask is studded with strange and mysterious masks to unlock without which it is virtually impossible to continue or get great benefits in the game. We at have created this guide to help you get all 24 precious masks from the main adventure that will change the fate of Termina!

IMPORTANT: Masks are not affected by the effects of time, so once unlocked they will remain in your inventory forever!

HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Automatically after talking to the Mask seller under the clock tower at the beginning of the game.
USE: Allows Link to transform into a Deku Bush.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: You will first have to retrieve the LENS OF TRUTH tool, at the Goron village: go down to the lower part of the village and look for the big owl. Follow him in the cave using the feathers, drop the bird, to understand where to jump and get the lens. Cross the invisible platforms again and return to the lower part of the village. Use the lens now to see the spirit of Darmani in the area where the owl used to be. Follow the spirit until you reach his sanctuary above the waterfall. Finally, use the MELODIA DEL RISTORO to calm its torments and obtain the Mask.
Utility: Allows Link to turn into a Goron.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: When you arrive at the Big Bay, look into the water to see a wounded Zora floating unarmed. It's Mikau, stand behind him and push him, like a boulder, to shore. After the film, use the MELODIA DEL RISTORO to relieve his pain and obtain the Mask.
USE: Allows Link to transform into a Zora.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: See the secondary mission "ANJU and KAFEI" in the full game guide.
USE: Thanks to the Postman's Hat you can check the mailboxes of Cronopoli to find various useful items. The first time you check a mailbox you will get a HEART FREAM.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: During the night of the first day make sure you are in the north area of Cronopoli (the one where there is the Bomber chief intent on hitting the balloon) at about midnight. You will see the appearance of an old lady carrying a sack: she is the owner of the bomb shop who comes back carrying the new items for the shop, including the big bomb rack. Unfortunately she will be attacked by Sakon the thief who you must promptly stop by simply hitting him. On the night of the third day, you will be able to buy the Vigil Mask from the junk collector in West Chronopolis.
UTILITY: Thanks to the Vigil Mask you can listen to the stories of Anju's grandmother, inside the inn in Cronopoli (ground floor, room behind the stairs) without falling asleep and get two pieces of heart.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: You will receive it after saving the old lady from the Sakon theft ( See MASHERA DELLA VEGLIA ).
USE: Useful mask against the most hostile enemies and especially when you are left without bombs. Wearing it and pressing B you can make yourself "explode" at the price of a heart if before blowing yourself up you use the shield to defend yourself, you will explode anyway without losing any heart.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Once human again, at the beginning of the game, go back to talking to the Great Fairy in the North of Chronopolis after finding the lost fairy in the city: near the washhouse by day or in East Chronopolis by night.
USE: This mask serves to make it easier for you to search for lost fairies in dungeons. Each dungeon contains several fairies to bring back to the area's Great Fairy, wearing the mask in the various areas of the dungeons, the fluttering fairies, even if far away, will immediately reach Link.
WARNING: It doesn't work if the fairies are trapped in a bubble.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: During the night, go to the Termina valleys taking the north exit from Cronopoli. If you look at the big mushrooms on the left, as soon as you leave the city, you will notice a bizarre individual intent on performing an even more bizarre dance. Talk to this individual to discover that it is the spirit of the legendary Kamaro who unfortunately cannot find peace. Use the MELODY OF THE RESTAURANT to give him the peace he desires and obtain the mask.
UTILITY: Wearing this mask you can perform in the unusual and bizarre dance of Kamaro, a deadly weapon against the bosses who will die laughing to see links dancing in this way... in reality this mask only serves to inspire the Pink dancer sisters, who rehearse at night in front of the West Cronopoli Lottery. Dance in front of them to get a HEART BREATH.
P.S. Of course against the bosses has no effect so avoid staging ridiculous dances while they try to crush you with an axe!!!


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: See the secondary mission "ANJU and KAFEI" in the full game guide.
UTILITY: Thanks to this mask it is possible to evoke the spirit of a Keaton (strange magic foxes) in those particular places where there are circles of moving bushes: you will find one in the North area of Cronopoli, near the tree on the right and another one near the Milky Way teleportation. There are, however, several throughout the game and sooner or later you will surely find one. To make the Keaton appear, cut through the bushes wearing the mask. You'll see the bushes run away and disappear leaving the post to a big talking fox who will ask you 5 questions about the game and the characters' habits. Answering all the questions correctly the first time you will get a HEART FREAM, while the following times you will get different amounts of Rupees.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Listen to the confessions of Guru Guru, the man with the accordion, during the first or second night at the Washhouse in Cronopoli.
USE: Wearing this mask and marching to music you can be followed by smaller animals. This mask is necessary to help Grog at the Romani farm.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Once you have obtained the Bremen Mask talk to Grog on the Roman farm.
-The Farm is initially reachable ONLY on the third day, when the miner has finished picking the big rock that blocks the passage. In the more advanced stages of the game, you will be able to reach the farm using the Goron BOMB to detonate the boulder beaten by the miner. –
You will find Grog in the place next to the Cinecourse. The man will look tired and depressed because, due to his age, he can't run his chicks. Use the Bremen mask and, like the Pied Piper, march to music and let all the chicks follow you. After forming a long queue made up of all the chicks, the chicks will become chickens and Grog will give you the mask.
WARNING: If you stop playing the chicks in line behind you they will disperse and you will have to start again.
UTILITY: Definitely one of the most useful masks in the game, thanks to which you can run almost twice as fast as the standard speed. Once worn you won't want to leave it anymore!


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Put the little Goron to sleep inside the sanctuary located at the foot of the village. Now light all the torches in the sanctuary to bring back some warmth and let the chandelier start to rotate. Now turn into Goron Link and use the ramp upstairs to roll and destroy the lanterns on the chandelier. Inside one of these there is a big leg of meat that you will have to carry, on foot, to the initial area of the mountain (the one where there is the tomb where you got the Goron mask). You will have to throw the meat to the hungry Goron near the small bridge which goes towards the dungeon of this area and you will get the mask.
USEFULLY: Once the ice has retreated from the mountain (to do this you will have to complete the dungeon) you can gather the 5 singing frogs and get a HEART FREAM:
-In the VILLAGE OF MONTAGNA, in the pond near the little house with the blacksmith.
-In the PALUDE just before the entrance to the Deku Palace.
-A CRONOPOLI, near the tree in the washhouse area
-In the Deku Dungeon, defeat the possessed frog.
-In the Zora Dungeon, defeat the possessed frog.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: After removing the poison from the waters of the Swamp, the funny Butler Deku will propose you to chase it in a labyrinth that can be reached by swimming or jumping from lily pad to lily pad continuing on the left from the entrance of the Deku Palace. The butler will challenge you in a running race, very complicated if you have not unlocked your rabbit ears.
UTILITY: This piggy mask allows you to sniff out the aromas of the usual invisible. Go to an aroma and use an ampoule to obtain a mushroom, useful to unlock the BLUE POTION at the swamp potion shop. After the first mushroom the witch will reward you for the others by paying you in rupees.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Once you get permission to take the mega bomb with you and detonate it wherever you want, go to the Romani farm on the first day and, transformed into Goron, detonate the boulder blocking the road to the farm with the mega bomb. Talk to the little girl on the farm and believe her story to be invited to fight the aliens on the same night around 2am. To defeat the aliens, just keep them away from the barn until 5am. To keep them away you just need to use your bow, better if you have a bigger quiver so that you can avoid the need for a continuous escort from the crate in front of the barn. Never move away from the entrance of the barn and pay attention to the dog that will signal you aliens too close to the barn, especially the one that passes through the back. Once you reach 5am you will have saved the farm and the next day Cremia will go to Cronopoli around 6am to bring the milk. Go with her and save her from two notorious bandits filling them with arrows. Once in town she will reward you with the Roman Mask.
USEFULNESS: Thanks to this mask you can enter the bar at night, the mask is in fact the symbol of the members.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: You must first possess the three transformation masks: the Deku Mask, the Goron Mask and the Zora Mask. Go to the Milk Bar in Cronopoli on the night of the first or second day by entering the Roman Mask. Talk to Toto and help tune all the instruments playing first as Link and then talking to Toto transformed into the various characters of the 3 masks. Once the concert is over, the man sitting at the counter will provide you with the mask.
UTILITY: Thanks to this mask the marauders of the Milky Way will be struck by "palate sadness" and will not attack you during the expedition of Cremia.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: From 10am to 12pm, during the first or second day, talk to Madame Aroma in the mayor's house or in the Milk Bar (when closed).
UTILITY: Essential to start the important subquest of Anju and Kafei, this mask will give you information about the disappearance of Kafei.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: You will have to complete the subquest of Anju and Kafei during the end of the last day.
UTILITY: Enter the mayor's office during the first two days to find the guards and carpenters caught debating animatedly on the organization of the party. Wear the Couple's Mask to calm the spirits and get a HEART BREATH.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: You will have to defeat all 30 Golden Spiders in the house in the Swamp, following the boat ride is located just after the entrance of the Deku Palace. You will need to be in possession of the following items:
-Magic Beans
USE: One of the most useful masks of the whole adventure, wearing it you can listen to the thoughts of the animals (to win the Cinodrome for example) and talk with the stones scattered throughout Termina.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: You will have to play the Melody of the Refreshment to Pamela's Father inside the House of Music in Ikana Canyon.
USE: Indispensable to continue the main adventure, it allows you to talk with the Mummies.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: After retrieving the melody to evoke Epona, at Fattoria Romani, go to the Milky Way and turn to the rescue to challenge the Arro brothers. You'll have to talk to the twin near the fence while riding Epona. Win the race for the Mask.
USE: Indispensable to access the Ikana Canyon, it summons the Garo spirits and makes sure that the zombies don't attack you.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: In the Cemetery of Ikana, the Awakening Melody played to the giant skeleton near the Gravedigger's house. Defeat him to get the mask.
UTILITY: This mask allows you to talk to the Stalfosso, ancient skeleton soldiers of Ikana who infest the graveyard and spider house on the Great Bay at night. Talking to those in the cemetery and returning to them every night, you can get the Melody of the Storm and 2 HEART BREATHS, while talking to those in the spiders' house on the bay, you will get the secret code to unlock another HEART BREATHS.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Automatically, during the fight against the Stone Temple boss.
UTILITY: It serves to become giants, too bad it can only be used in very few places specified by the game.


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Once you arrive in the large square of the PIRATESSE Fortress, the one with the watchtower in the center, use the LENS OF TRUTH to find the soldier SHIRO right under the center turret, behind the box at the back. Give him a RED POTION and you have the mask.
USE: A very useful mask that allows you to become invisible to the eyes of the guards and many enemies!


HOW TO UNLOCK IT: After retrieving all 20 masks, finish the game and give them to the children on the Moon and then play hide and seek with them. Once you have found them all, the child with the Majora Mask will give you the mask as a reward.
UTILITY: The most powerful mask in the game! Allows Link to transform himself into a kind of powerful demon who can throw magical spheres and use a giant sword. Unfortunately, this mask can only be used in Boss rooms!

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