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Can't get past the dungeons at The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening ? No problem ! Thanks to our complete solution guide to each dungeon you will be able to discover the procedure to overcome each room, find the compass, open the caskets and go deeper and deeper until the final boss.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening | Complete solution at every Dungeon

During the adventure you will come across several Dungeons to overcome to awaken the Wind Fish. These places are also called Antro or Caves and to be opened they require a special key or a specific procedure. In the following guide we will see where to find all the Anters in the game, the keys to open them, how to overcome the puzzles inside them and how to defeat the final guardians.

In addition, in the dens there are also numerous chests that are worth collecting to accumulate Rupees and interesting objects, such as the map that serves to unlock the dungeon map in the menu. To view the chests, however, and other useful information, we'll need the compass, hidden in each dungeon and which will emit a sound when you're near a key. Finally, we also need to collect the stone beak which is used to understand the precious advice of the many owl statues that you will find in the dungeon.

La Cave of the Tail - Complete Solution

WHERE: South of Maba Village (indicated by the main story).
HOW TO ACCESS: Use the Tail Key (find out where to find it in our Game Solution)

  1. As soon as you enter, go left and push the two shelled enemies into the side ravines, hitting them, so you get a small key. Continue and in the next room eliminate all enemies to unlock the exit, but before you go open the chest to find the Compass.
  2. Go back to the beginning and this time continue north. Eliminate the enemies and climb the button to make a chest with the second small key appear.
  3. Go to the right and, again after eliminating enemies by killing them or dropping them into the side ravines, a chest will appear in which you will find the map of the dungeon.
  4. Climb north to end up in a revolving wall that comes out in what could be considered the central part of this dungeon. Here move towards the center and wait for the right moment to avoid the electric ball and take the third small key. Then eliminate the enemies (yellow caterpillars and bats) until a chest containing 20 Rupees appears.
  5. Use one of the 3 small keys that you have collected to open the right door of the central area and continue until you find a room with 3 enemies on which the suits of poker cards slide. Lock all 3 of them on the spade mark to make a casket appear in which the stone beak is hidden. To block the enemies with the suit you can either hit them with the sword or collide with them with the shield. If you block them on paintings you get 3 rupees, if you block them on hearts you get 3 hearts while with 3 flowers you get nothing.
  6. Go back to the central area and use another small key to open the door on the top left. Reach the end of this area paying attention to the electric spheres and get advice from the owl thanks to the beak just found. Then move the brick right in front of the owl statue towards it and unlock the next door. Enter and block the enemies with the shield so that they can be overturned and easily knocked down with the sword (the owl in the room would have told you just that). Once eliminated a ladder to a dungeon will appear, go down and open the chest at the bottom of the area to get the precious Roc feather. This feather can be equipped to jump over potholes and precipices at The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening .
  7. Return to the central area, climb to the top right and after jumping the abyss free the stairs with the last of the small keys. Now all you have to do is open the chest to find the big key with which to reach the Guardian.
  8. MINIBOSS - From the central area go back to the door on the right and jump the abyss on the right again. In this new room you will face a miniboss, a sort of pink slime. Jump the thorny bar that throws you against it and hit it with your sword. 5-6 strokes will be enough to eliminate him. After that, a teleport will open to the entrance of the Tail's Den and vice versa. A fairy will also appear and if you have at least one jar (see here where) you can equip it and capture it for moments of need. Then go up to the top of the room and, paying attention to the blades, continue towards the door with the Guardian. If you want you can also go down to the basement in front of the door to collect 3 hearts.
  9. GRAN SHIPPO, the first Guardian. This is basically the giant version of the yellow caterpillars you have already met. To knock him down you have to hit him with the sword on the red sphere at the end of the tail. You will have to inflict a total of 3 blows, but with each blow his weak point will disappear and you will have to keep away from the caterpillar. When there is only one blow left to inflict the Guardian will turn red and faster, to defeat him you just have to wait for the right time to hit, that is, immediately after he retreated on himself. You must also be careful not to fall into a precipice or be pushed down by the Guardian. If this is the case, you will have to restart the fight and you will find yourself in the dungeon mentioned in point 8. Once defeated, you will have a complete heartbeat.
  10. Continue to the next room to get the Cello of the Full Moon, the first of the 8 instruments to awaken the Wind Fish that will open the way to the swamp.
  11. [OPTIONAL] There is a room that at the first passage you will not be able to reach, you will have to pass the Cave of the Jar and then return to the shop at the Villagio di Mabe where the bombs will be available. Buy some and blow up the collapsable wall that blocks access to the last room and the shell hidden inside.

Giara Cave - Complete Solution

WHERE: In the Gogonpa Swamp (indicated by the main story).
HOW TO ACCESS: Use Bau Bau to remove stinging flowers from the entrance (find out where to find it in our Game Solution)
IMPORTANT: Reach the superbracelet immediately without opening other doors (other than those indicated) with the small keys or you will be left without a small key. If this happens you will have to eliminate the two shy types (the enemies in red and with the mask) to get another one.

  1. Enter and climb into the pedestal of the dark room to the north. Now use the Magic Dust to light both braziers. This will open the door on the right. Go in there and kill both enemies to make a small key appear.
  2. Go back to the previous room and open the door. Go all the way to the end of the area to find a chest with a stone beak.
  3. Go back to where you got the small key, continue to the right and hit the blue diamond. Go down and approach the red blocks to hit the red diamond. Open the box and you will find the second small key.
  4. Continue to the right. Jump over the cliffs until you land on the button that will make a new casket appear with the third small key.
  5. Climb up, pass the mirrored enemies and continue until you use a key (if there are closed doors you only need to eliminate the enemies in the area). You will find yourself in a room with two brown bricks in the central area. Push them both towards the centre to open the way to a dungeon. Once passed you will find yourself in a dark room. Jump on the platform in the middle and then on the revolving wall to reach the next room.
  6. MINIBOSS - A cyclops miniboss will be waiting for you. To defeat it, just keep away and don't get caught by its charge that can throw you further away. Wait for it to attack and then hit it. Move away and repeat the process. Once defeated, you will unlock the teleport to the entrance and a fairy.
  7. Proceed to the room with the purple vortex that attracts you from the bottom left corner. Take your time and open the chest to find the map.
  8. Go up and open the chest to get 20 Rupees then use your last little key on the left door. Go inside and use the pixie dust to light the braziers and scare the ghosts. A chest will appear with the Super Bracelet inside to lift heavy objects.
  9. Return to one of the rooms you have just passed, where there was the owl and the stairs in the middle. Hear what the owl has to say, then break a jar to reach the central stairs. Once in the room with the rabbit, move down the brick on the right above the rabbit, then on the left the other one that remains. In this way you will free the rabbit, use a jar to kill it. Then kill the bat and finally the skull knight, only then will you unlock the chest with the big key.
  10. Go up to the upper room and jump from one side to the other of the central ravine, hitting the diamond, to reach the chest with another small key.
  11. Open the door at the bottom right in the same area and in the next one use the jars to eliminate the rabbits and kill the red slime. A ladder will appear, take it to get to the Guardian.
  12. Genius, the second guardian. Initially you will have to break his jar so stay away and walk avoiding the fireballs he throws at you, then come closer and hit the jar to make it fall. At this point lift it up and throw it against the walls of the cave. Repeat the procedure 3 times. Once the jar is broken, place yourself in a corner and wait for Genius to appear, as soon as he appears dodge the big fireball that will throw you and hit him in the back paying attention to his fists. Repeat the procedure twice to beat him and get a complete heartbeat.
  13. Enter the next room to get the Shell Horn, the second of the 8 instruments to awaken the Wind Fish.

Key Cave - Complete Solution

WHERE: In Ukuku Prairie, in the middle of the map above Richard's house.
HOW TO ACCESS: Find the 5 gold leaves in Kanalet Castle and give them to Richard to get to the Slippery Key. (find out where to find it in our Game Solution)
IMPORTANT: In this dungeon the fundamental thing is to take the big key and have 4 small keys to open the 4 locks that block the way to the Guardian. You can face the dungeon as you like, we will show you how to get all the keys anyway. Moreover, if you follow our procedure, you will also find yourself with an extra small key.

  1. Use a jar to break the door and continue north. Eliminate the 3 enemies and open the box to get the first small key. Then continue through the only door available and eliminate the 4 green slime, but get ready because there is a surprise in the casket that will appear.
  2. Continue and descend to plan S1. Open the north door, eliminate the enemies and you will get another small key. Take it and hit the crystal before you leave. Go up the stairs again to get to the next door (first locked) where you will find the stone beak. Then go back two rooms and go to the right where you can now reach another chest, first blocked by the crystal, and where you will find the map.
  3. At this point go down the stairs again and open the right door. Use the arch or the bombs to kill the two teleporting birds, then eliminate the two green slime that will appear from the top two of the abyss. Another small key will appear. Grab it quickly before it falls or you'll have to do it all over again.
  4. Go back to the previous room and open the door at the bottom. Eliminate all enemies and take another small key.
  5. Go back to the previous room and open the right door. Arrive at the bottom and climb up to the PT on a pedestal. Go down and go around the room and eliminate all the Slime that will appear. Take the third small key that will appear.
  6. MINIBOSS - In the next room eliminate the enemies, even those on the left, to unlock the two doors. Enter the top one (armed with many bombs) and get ready to fight the mini-boss vermons. Just place a bomb in front of them and they will swallow it, then you have to wait a few seconds for them to open their mouths again. Swallow 3 bombs per vermon and you win. Each vermon will release a fairy and once defeated you will also unlock the teleport.
  7. Enter the right door, go around the casket and follow the brown brick wall. Push the brick at the back to the left and the brick above it upwards to clear the road and get the Pegasus Calzari. Now you can shoot by pressing L and destroy those mini black tents that often block your way. Do it, move the brown brick and go back to the room in point 6. This time, however, instead of entering the room where the vermons were, go to the one at the bottom left, eliminate the enemies and take another small key.
  8. Continue into the next room through the revolving door, eliminate the enemies and make a casket appear in the area next door. Continue on, eliminate the enemies and go up the stairs to the chest that you made appear with 50 Rupees. Now, don't keep going down but go to the right and drop a bomb in the area below to open the gap in the breakable wall, you will need it later.
  9. Go back to the 50 Rupee chest and this time go down, move the brown brick at the bottom of the stairs and go to the bottom right. Go up to notice the statue of an owl, eliminate the enemies and continue until you reach the room with the knight of the skull and the central chest where you will finally find the compass. Here you can also continue to the next room (which you freed earlier thanks to the bomb) where you will find another small key after eliminating the enemies.
  10. Go back to the statue of the owl mentioned in point 9 and look at the grey tiles in front of it. They form an arrow. Put a bomb on the tip to reveal a passage. Enter and take the chase with L used in combo with the Feather of Roc to jump the chasm and reach the chest with the big key.
  11. Use the teleport and return to the entrance of the dungeon. Enter the room on the right and use the run-up to destroy the purple vortex and retrieve another small key.
  12. From the entrance, go north and take the narrow corridor on the left. Work your new skills to eliminate the red slime that will make a casket appear in the adjacent area. Go to the top, move the brown brick and return to where the chest appeared to get 300 Rupees.
  13. Take the teleporter again and go south. Use the keys to clear the central area of the 4 locks. And go down the stairs. Use the run-up to knock down the red boulder and then use the run-up again to boost the jump and get to the ladder.
  14. In the new area, eliminate all the enemies, thanks to the run-up, and continue. Up to the treadmill room before the Guardian's door. Eliminate all bats to get another small key.
  15. MELMOCCHIO, the third Guardian. One of the easiest bosses in the game. At first you won't see him so eliminate the little slime and then hit any wall with the chase. Now hit Melmocchio with the sword in his eye, continuing until he separates almost completely in two and has eyes one on the right and one on the left. Now you have to be quick and use the chase to cut him in half by hitting him in the middle. Now there will be two giant slime that will bounce from one side to the other crushing you. The goal is to hit them in the eye about 4 times to destroy them. So when they jump wait for the shadow to get bigger and then jump over yourself (away from the shadow) to avoid being stunned by the fall. With this strategy you'll be able to bring down Melmocchio quickly and get a complete heart holder.
  16. Enter the next room to get the Sea Lily Bell, the third of the 8 tools to awaken the Wind Fish.

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