The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild : Complete Guide

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is a rather complex game, it's easy to get stuck and not understand how to continue. For this reason we at have decided to make a complete guide that will help you get started and find all the best equipment in the game. Of course we are talking about an open world so there are some variables that we will not be able to take into account, but we will do our best to deal with as many scenarios as possible.

Zelda Breath of The Wild Guide: 5 steps to a good start

If you're looking for a quick start to the game, here's a series of 5 steps to get you off to a good start and prepare you for the vast continent of Hyrule:

  1. Let's start
  2. The first shrine
  3. How to get the cold tunic
  4. Bosses and Guardians: The winning tactics of the game are
  5. Guide to cooking and status

Let's get started!

Initially you wake up in a bathtub as Link, listen to the mysterious voice and, after exploring the room, retrieve the Sheikah tablet and continue to the next room. Take your pants and shirt in the trunks and use the tablet to get out of the cave, at this point stop for a moment and take a look at the game world.

Go down to the right and talk to the old man picking mushrooms and branches along the way, select all possible dialogue options and listen to him. A few meters away from the old man you'll find the woodcutter's axe, your first weapon: it's not really the best, but for the moment it can go. At this point all you have to do is head towards the large building that the old man has indicated to you, along the way you will come across several enemies and you should take advantage of it to practice the combat system.

Arrive near the church, follow the indications of the voice and reach the cave indicated on the minimap, activate the tablet and enjoy the sequence.

The first shrine

When you are at the top of the tower, listen to the old man's advice and words, then go down into the hole just behind you. It's not difficult to jump so jump without fear, you won't die.

At this point it's time to take a little detour, go back to the big church-like structure that initially showed you the old man and explore the environment. On the left, as you may have noticed, there is a ladder: use it, climb up to the roof, turn left and climb up the bell tower to take the enhanced arch. At this point go down and head to the first sanctuary indicated on the map, enter and retrieve your first gadget: the magnet. Its operation is very simple, this tool allows you to open large metal doors and move heavy plates and blocks. Use it to make your way, simply move the first slab, while using the second as a walkway to continue. At some point you will find yourself in front of a wall of cubic blocks, use your magnet to detach one of them and open a gap.

At the end of this (very simple) sanctuary all you have to do is interact with the character, take the reward and go back to the old man who, unfortunately for you, is preparing to give you a nasty surprise...

How to get the cold tunic

In the course of your adventure you will have to reach shrines in icy and snowy areas and, unfortunately, going unprotected you will die immediately. So how do you do it? Simple, you have to get a frost-proof tunic! Here is the path to follow step by step:

1) The tunic is given to you by the old man we talked about just above, first you have to reach his little house in the southern part of the plateau (it's quite easy to find, it's near Mount Hylia).

2) Enter and read his diary, you must clearly make a dish known as mixed grill picapicca of which you know only two ingredients out of three: the meat (easy to get, just kill the wild boars in the forest) and the hot pepper (you can find it directly in the cottage or near the Boblin camp nearby).

3) The third ingredient is a fish known as Hyrule's Aspio, you find it in the water and you can safely kill it with your bow (you don't necessarily need a fishing rod). It is present, for example, near the Mau Ona Shrine.

4) At this point all you have to do is cook the ingredients in the pot next to the cottage and give them to the old man, the reward will be just the anti-cold tunic!

Bosses and Guardians: Winning Tactics

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild It's a game full of mysteries, fascinating objects, places to explore and, of course, bosses. The enemies in the game are really many and are all characterized in different ways, they are not challenging but still require a good strategy. If you should encounter problems here is a guide on how to cross all the Sacred Colossi and beat all the Bosses of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild :


How to overcome the riddles of the Sacred Colossus Vah Ruta and how to easily defeat the incarnation of Ganon within it:


How to overcome the riddles of the Sacred Colossus Vah Naboris and how to easily defeat the incarnation of Ganon within it:


How to overcome the riddles of the Sacred Colossus Vah Medoh and how to easily defeat the incarnation of Ganon within it:


How to overcome the riddles of Holy Colossus Vah Rudania and how to easily defeat the incarnation of Ganon within it:

But what are the best tactics to get rid of this uncomfortable opponent? We have adopted a simple but absolutely functional approach: initially you do a test run in which you observe the boss closely, studying his patterns, the range of his shots and the speed of his movements.


The last boss of the game, will have different shapes. Be well prepared before you face him:

Then there are several secondary bosses scattered throughout the game:


A want rocks will come to life under you, they are real mini bosses that you can kill as follows:


The Hinox are also cyclops giants scattered throughout the game, so here's how you can quickly eliminate them:


Another powerful enemy that you will encounter in the game are the Lynels, but with this video guide to take them down it will be much easier:

Then, after you've gained some confidence, you can throw yourself into a riskier run and discover more, taking into account everything we learned in the first run. Of course, all the bosses can be knocked down with a single attempt, nobody doubts that, but in case of difficulty the approach indicated above is definitely the best.


The leader of the Yiga, defeating him will serve you to finish one of the longest and most interesting side quests of the game:


The game is also full of Guardians and if you really can not eliminate these ancient machines here's a video with some tips to take them down: The players are also dealing with the guardians in addition to the bosses. They're generally less tough than the enemies we've talked about so far, but we assure you that underestimating them could cost you dearly. The basic advice here is very simple: avoid them as much as possible. Can't you do that? In this case you have to use your advanced equipment to inflict damage, try not to break it if possible. Warning: these enemies are tremendous at close range, in case of engagement keep your distance and control them with bows and spears. It won't be easy, but with a little patience and luck you'll make it.

Guide to cooking and status

Knowing the right recipes to use at the right time can make your life much easier and allow you to go beyond otherwise unsurpassed sections The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild . Status variations are all very useful and to achieve them you need to combine the various components correctly.

As we mentioned above, to cook in peace and quiet it is strictly necessary to find a cauldron (they are scattered around the map or in the houses) and exploit the fire. Then open the menu, go to the ingredients section of the inventory and press pull out after selecting the desired components. After you have done this, exit the menu, go next to the cauldron and use the "kitchen" tab to create your dish. If you're lucky you might get a critical success, which is a bonus that adds further improvements to your recipe statistics. But let's go in order, the ingredients can be classified in this way:

Hardness: increased defense

Strength: Increased attack

Vitality: Fills the hearts and adds an extra one to the

Cold: improved heat resistance

Sneaky: increased stealth

Spicy: increased cold resistance

Electro: Temporary blocking of the current in this game.

Speed: Increase speed

Energizing: stamina restored

Fire resistance: fire resistance increased for a short time

But what are the most important recipes, those essential to survive in the wild world of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild ? Let's see them together:

  • Mixed grill pike: we talked about it before, just meat, hot pepper and Hyrule's Aspio. Improves your resistance to cold
  • Fish skewer and levafatica mushrooms: serve ice, vigorino and Aspio of Hyrule, restores you the lost vigor
  • Baked Fish: Serve apple, acorn, vivax reel and mermaid princess, it serves to improve the vitality of the
  • Mushrooms with leverage: you need vigor, acorn and Hyrule grass, useful to restore hearts and vigor.
  • Vivax Baked Meat: serve apple, xl meat, cuoranello and Hyrulino, useful to increase maximum energy recovery

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