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The Legend of Dragoon it's a role-playing video game developed and published in 1999 by Sony Computer Entertainment to PS1. It was first released in Japan, then in the United States in 200 and finally in Europe in 2001.

The Legend of Dragoon boasts characteristics typical of RPG of the era: there are the classic world map, the game map and the battle mode. There game map (field map) is used each time the player enters a city, dungeon, or landmark, while the world map merely indicates the main character's movements from one place to another.
The plot is as follows: in the continent of Endiness, where mythological beings such as dragons and other winged beings still live, there also lives Dart, a boy who was orphaned as a child, on the occasion of the Neet massacre. His native village was razed to the ground by the Black Monster, a dark creature that roams the world in search of the Son of the Moon.

Dart always carries one with him blood-red stone, which belonged to his father. Dart travels to Seles with a little girl named Shana, who also survived the Neet massacre. Dart trains and, once ready, sets out to hunt for the Black Monster; while the boy is traveling, a war breaks out between his kingdom, Basil, and that of Sandora. Shana is kidnapped, so Dart must not only fight the monster, but also free her friend. Fortunately for him, the enterprise is made possible also thanks to the valid allies he meets on his path.

If you are on the Phantom Ship, stay there. Run against the blue flames and fight them. You will get experience very easily.

Wait until he uses his ten lives. Make sure all your characters have a high HP value, as his final attack does very high damage.

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