The Last of Us: Remastered Trophy Guide

The Last of Us: Remastered is a video game of action, adventure and survival horror, the remastered version of original product. The most substantial difference is that it has been revamped for the PS4 and has improved the resolution of its characters, its shadows and in general all its graphics.

In general, you'll be able to get most of the trophies in a normal difficulty game although you'll need a few playthroughs to get at least two of them.

The Last of Us: Remastered trophies that require multiple playthroughs

When you play your first game you're going to have a couple of trophies left unobtained in this game. For this you must pass the story more than once. These are:

With What We've Lived For

To get this trophy you will have to upgrade Joel with supplements. With them you can achieve better combat skills and you will find them scattered throughout the game. They come in the form of pills located inside buildings or as plants outdoors.

Only for extreme cases

In this case it's all about upgrading all of your weapons. You'll find Workbenches throughout the different chapters and with them you can upgrade your weapons using bolts. The nuts are easily found in various places throughout the game, and they add up to 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50. You'll need a total of 2,510 bolts to get all the upgrades and earn this trophy, which is hard to do in a single playthrough.

The Last of Us: Survivor +

To get this trophy you're going to have to finish a game on Survivor difficulty mode and you'll also be automatically awarded The Last of Us: Easy +, The Last of Us: Normal + and The Last of Us: Hard + trophies.

The Last of Us: Remastered online Trophies

There are some trophies in this game that require an online part and you must be online to get them. They are as follows:

Learn the Basics

To get this trophy you'll need to win a Supply Heist and Survivors game in Search Game. Supply Heist is a traditional 4 vs 4, and the group that gets to 20 kills wins. Survivors is different in that the game takes place over 4 rounds, with the last group alive winning each round.


If you want to earn this trophy you will have to create a clan of 40 people in Bands. In online, you must first choose a faction and then build the clan, you will have to keep 40 survivors alive in your clan. This clan needs a specific amount of supplies to keep the members healthy each day. It varies depending on the number of people, so you need a lot more supplies per game to keep a large number alive.


You must complete the entire Firefly Journey to get this trophy.


You will need to complete the entire Hunter's Journey to get this trophy.

All other trophies in The Last of Us: Remastered

Here we show you the rest of the trophies you're going to get throughout the game. They are the following:

Can't Be Worth a Damn

This one is unlocked by obtaining all the trophies.

Seek the Light

This trophy is achieved by finding all of the Firefly pendants . Firefly pendants are a type of silver necklace or dog tag worn by members of this organization. In total there are 30 of these pendants hidden throughout the game and you will need to obtain all of them to unlock the trophy.

Resist and Survive

There are 14 of hidden comics throughout the game for you to find and if you do you will get this trophy. The comics glow in the environment to indicate that they can be collected, which is characteristic of all collectibles in this game. They will start appearing from the last cutscene in chapter 4. You should pay attention, as they can be a bit tricky to spot.

Everything was there

You must find all the artifacts that are in the game, these make up a total of 84. This really refers to anything that can be collected, such as a map or a note.

That's it

You will need to find all the training manuals to get this trophy. There are a total of 12 of them and they are awarded as Joel's bonuses to improve the upgrade crafting.


Unlocked once you find all the collectibles.

To Gear Up

To get this trophy you must craft all the items. You will be able to do this as you find all the supplies scattered around and combine them to craft them.

Master Locksmith

You will have to open all doors that require a dagger to get this trophy. Locked doors can only be opened by having a knife in your inventory and you will find them throughout the game, through them you can access other rooms that usually contain supplies.

I want to talk about it

You will unlock this trophy if you participate in all the conversations available in the game. There are 37 available, not counting other pop-ups that are not optional chats.

I have no more

There are 5 moments where Ellie will tell jokes from her book from chapter 5 onwards, if you survive all of them you can get this trophy.

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