The Last of Us II Trophy Guide

The Last of Us II is the new installment of this action-adventure game released in 2020 for PS4. It is easy to focus on enjoying the story of this game as there are no trophies to get lost and you can also replay the different chapters once you finish the story.

The Last of Us II Collectible Trophies

There are several collectible trophies in The Last of Us II, if you don't naturally get them all you can replay the chapters you want to get them. These rewards are as follows:

Ace of Weapons.

You will need to fully upgrade all weapons if you want to get this trophy. To upgrade them you will need to collect all the parts you are able to find. Pay attention throughout the game and upgrade each weapon as appropriate. Spare parts can be found in garages, in places where there are tools, near shops or warehouses. You must upgrade Ellie's and Abby's weapons to get them.

Survival Specialist

In this case you will need to learn all of the player's upgrades to get the trophy. To upgrade Ellie's or Abby's skills you will be able to increase health, learn new recipes and so on. There are several ways to do this.


You will need to find all the artifacts and journal entries to get this trophy. Most of the collectibles in this game come in the form of Artifacts or Journal En tries and there are 147 in total. When you finish the main story you can access the main menu and from the "Chapters" section, you will be able to see how many collectibles you have and how many you are missing per chapter.

Master Deck

You will need to find all the collectible cards to get this trophy. There are 48 collectible cards scattered throughout Ellie's sections in The Last Of Us 2 and they can be a little tricky to find, so pay attention even in the most unexpected places.


There are 32 coins to collect and all of them are named after US states. If you find them all you can get this trophy.

All set up

Workbenches are the places where you'll use your collected parts to upgrade weapons. For the most part, they are easy to find, and there are a total of 23 throughout the game. When you locate them all, you'll be able to get this trophy.

The Last of Us II Action Trophies

Action trophies are trophies that are earned after performing an achievement or completing a series of steps. Within this category are the following trophies:

But the hat is new!

To get it you must put a hat on your partner, specifically you can get it in the chapter "The Birthday Gift" in Seattle, day 1, with Ellie. You'll find the hat on the right side of the museum and you'll have the opportunity to put it on Joel.

Greatness is born from small beginnings

This trophy is obtained by finding an engraved ring. In one of the locations (Bank) in downtown Seattle, you will see a backpack containing a document with a combination that opens the safe of the aforementioned bank. When the door is open you will see the ring towards the back on the right side.

Relic of the Wise

To get it you must find a strange artifact that is located in the chapter "Hostile Land" inside Seattle, day 1 with Abby. Once you find it you will unlock this trophy.


If you want to get this trophy you will have to win a shooting competition. In the chapter "The Stadium" inside Seattle, day 1 with Abby, after you are given the weapons, your partner will perch on some crates next to a door that leads to a shooting practice room. Inside you'll be able to start a competition and you'll have to win it.

Put My Name Up There

To get the trophy you must get the highest score in the archery game, you will have the opportunity to do this in the "Winter Visit" chapter inside Seattle. The required score is 11 to earn this trophy.

The rest of The Last of Us II Trophies

In addition to the aforementioned trophies you will find the following trophies upon completing this game:

Anything and Everything.

This trophy is earned when all other trophies have been earned automatically.

I Did the Right Thing

Awarded for completing the story.

Full Throttle

Awarded for upgrading a weapon to max.

The Paper Box

To get this trophy you will need to open all the safes. There are a total of 14 safes in The Last Of Us LL and all of them have very useful resources inside, as well as some essential items like the Training Manual or different collectibles.

On the Road in Seattle

To get this trophy you will have to visit all the locations that are marked on the map of Seattle.


The training manuals in this game are books that improve the skill tree and unlock new skill trees when found, these are used to spend supplements. They are usually represented as books with golden icons and there are 10 in total scattered across the map.

In the field

You must find 12 workbenches to get this trophy.


You will have to craft all the items to get this trophy, there are 14 items to craft: 7 for Ellie and 7 for Abby.


You will get it by upgrading a weapon.


You will get this trophy by upgrading a player.

Beginner Deck

You will get this when you find 5 collectible cards.

In Perfect Condition

Find 5 coins and you will get this trophy.

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