The Last Guardian - Complete Guide for Beginners

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The Last Guardian is not a particularly simple or intuitive game, the title proposes complex puzzles and the most inexperienced players could make much effort in their first hours. Getting stuck for a long time in certain areas is really easy, so we think a guide with some basic tips to get out of the most intricate situations can be useful. So here are eight rules you should always keep in mind when you're playing and The Last Guardian maybe you don't know what stratagem to try to continue.

1 - Trico is not a pet

Trico, the giant dog/bird/griffon that accompanies you on your adventure, is no ordinary pet. We are talking about a real character with emotions, feelings, reactions and instinctive shots. Very often in the game you need to use Trico to solve a puzzle, so try to learn immediately how to manage his particular skills. Attention though: Trico is an absolutely autonomous being and will not always do what you order in a timely manner ... to manage it takes patience, but in the end it is also for this reason that this "animal" manages to get into the heart.

2 - Bug?

At certain moments you find The Last Guardian yourself immobile, stopped to think after dozens of failed attempts. In these frustrating phases it is easy to think that the game has some problems, that a solution to the puzzle is not present and that it is better to quit. But we invite you not to do it: we assure you that the solution exists and it's up to you to find it, try to move Trico to a new position or take another look at the environment... you may discover new elements never noticed before. The key to solving seemingly impossible puzzles very often is to change your point of view.

3 - Lightning and Lightning

In some phases of your game (spoilers) you have a special object that allows you to unleash Trico's destructive power: our trusty companion can literally throw lightning bolts and lightning bolts from his tail. This skill is useful not so much for confronting enemies or fighting, but for solving puzzles and getting out of difficult situations: with lightning, in fact, you can break through dangerous barriers or break down walls in ruins. Fortunately, Trico's lightning doesn't do you any harm, so don't be shy and feel free to experiment where necessary. (There's no charging bar anyway...)

4 - Come beautiful

Trico, as we've said, is often instrumental in solving puzzles, but unfortunately, he's not always so obedient. To keep him good (and to unlock special content at the end of the game) we recommend you to use the barrels in the game. In some moments of the game you can also use them to lure Trico in a certain area, you'll see that after eating them your puppy will be much happier. The barrels, however, are often hidden and inaccessible, so get ready to sweat if you want to complete the game one hundred percent...

5 - You are not Ezio

The boyfriend The Last Guardian is a weak character in almost every respect, his mobility is really reduced to the bone and attempting big jumps or reckless moves is practically useless. Before trying a stunt suspended in the void, then, we invite you to stop for a moment and reflect: it often happens to die in The Last Guardian apparently feasible jumps but punctually wrong by the protagonist ...

Fortunately you can always hope that Trico will recover before you crash to the ground, but in any case the advice remains valid: do not overestimate the athletic skills of your character.

6 - A world to study

The maps and levels The Last Guardian hide a lot of secrets, so before you throw in the towel in solving an enigma we strongly recommend you to carefully observe the walls, doors and elements of the scenery. Very often there are things you don't notice at first glance: a crack, a crack, an overhang to climb... the game provides you with all the elements to continue, but the search is up to you alone.

Analyzing rooms and corridors, moreover, you discover a lot of little goodies prepared for the occasion by the development team: it would be a shame to neglect them all...

7 - The ascent of the beast

Trico is not only useful for destroying objects or observing the world from above, never forget that you can also climb (literally) your traveling companion thus gaining an advantageous position. There are several sections in the game where seemingly unreachable overhangs can be comfortably exploited using Trico's huge size, so don't be shy and jump on the back of your beast!

During climbs there are often big technical problems and polygonal interpenetrations, hopefully the problem will be solved soon.

8 - Stay in the armchair

This last point is not so much an advice for beginners, it's more a recommendation for hasty players. After completing the title do not immediately detach the console, look at all the credits: we guarantee that in the end you will find a pleasant surprise ... (we say no more to avoid easy spoilers).

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