The House of the Dead Sega Saturn codes and bonuses

The house of the dead it's a shooter genre video game first-person released in 1997 as an arcade and later converted to Sega Saturn and other platforms.

This video game is played with the light gun pistol and is set in December 1998. AMS agent Thomas Rogan receives a phone call from his girlfriend Sophie Richards: she works for DBR, a company in which scientist Roy Curien also works. The firm is based in an old villa, which is now teeming with zombie and undead monsters. Curien wants to kill his colleagues and then take over the city and the planet. Rogan goes to the place with his colleague and friend G and with him he must defeat the zombie threat.
In addition to the not dead "Humans", there are also bats, dogs, monkeys and spiders, perhaps even more dangerous than standard zombies. The goal of the two is to reach Curien, who in the meantime has barricaded himself and hidden in an underground room of the mansion. The weapon used by the two agents is one six-shot pistol, which must be reloaded quickly and wisely if you don't want to run out of ammunition in the middle of a room populated with creatures of all sorts. The ammunition should not be collected, as they are infinite even if the weapon must be reloaded.

The lives initially available to the player (or players) are 3, represented by oil lamps placed at the bottom of the screen. Each injury causes a life to be lost, after which the game ends.

Pause the game, hold L + R and press X, X, X - Show score
In the selection screen press L, R, R, L, L, R, then hold L + R and press START - Cheat menu
While playing, press and hold L + R and press Y, Y, Y - Unlimited Ammo

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