The House of the Dead Sega Saturn cheats and codes

The house of the dead it's a first person shooter genre video game released in 1997, first in an arcade version and then for various consoles, including Sega Saturn.

The plot is as follows: on December 18, 1998 AMS agent Thomas Rogan receives an emergency call from his fiancée Sophie Richards. The woman works in contact with the scientist Roy Curien, who has a huge and sinister villa as a laboratory. Curien has created ahorde of zombies and through them he wants to kill his assistants first and then conquer the world.
Rogan, together with his trusted friend G, immediately goes to the place, where he has his work cut out to eliminate legions of zombies, not only humans but also animals. The goal is to track down Curien and take him out mercilessly. The House of the Dead levels and the final clash it is held against Mago, a creature born from the sick imagination of Roy Curien himself. The only weapon available to the player is one six-shot pistol, which needs to be reloaded practically continuously, given the abundance of zombies that infest the levels.

The lives at your disposal are only three and are represented by as many oil lamps arranged at the bottom left of the screen. In The House of the Dead there are numerous alternate paths within first 3 levels. These paths can be taken if certain actions are carried out, for example if you save doctors or if you kill a given enemy.

While playing, hold L + R and press Y, Y, Y, to eliminate the need to reload your weapon.

To view the score, hold L + R during the game, then press X three times.

To use Sphie and one of the female researchers, hold L + R at the character select screen in Saturn Mode and then press UP, DOWN, X, Y, Z. If you hear a sound, it means that the code has been entered. correctly.

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