The horror genre and virtual reality

Virtual reality is more and more on everyone's lips and is normal to compare the photo-realistic images and a themed fully immersive with a mise en scene for virtual reality, where the player is within the own game. In recent days we have been able to know that Allison Road, a highly anticipated title for lovers of terror has been cancelled. Allison Road was a game that was expected for PS4, XBOX platform and PC that would be created by the team of Lilith Ltd. surely for many was to be the spiritual successor of the demo that we saw of Silent Hills "P.T." and that charmed many players above all by the realism of its setting and the mechanics of game completely inspired by a universe of madness as it is the saga of Silent Hill.

Important games cancelled Silent Hills P.T. was canceled by Konami, despite having two large, one of the film industry as it is Guillermo de el Toro and another of the gaming industry as Hideo Kojima. Many fans of the series and many other people who underwent that experience expressed since discontent that could have been one of the most terrifying experiences, in what refers to the psychological terror of recent times in the world of video games. In fact Allison Road we little knew since there is only a demo in video, in which the character first person was moving only by a House and started to happen paranormal events. The project was very good and for those who one day put their hopes in "P.T." this has been another blow. And it is that today we truly terrifying titles as it is the case of Outlast, a game that will soon bring its sequel or otherwise as it is the Layers of fear, perhaps with diminished gameplay but exquisite ambience but there is still much untapped of horror in video games and more even with virtual reality covering already today, imagine how it could be a title as Allison Road in virtual reality, of course not suitable for all audiences be tucked inside a terror of this magnitude only experience would be suitable for the bravest.

A survival horror with great dip

A genre as terror lay fable with virtual reality since we are, if we start from the basis of some titles, canceled or not, with a few games with a very leisurely pace, where raw material the stealth, the research and the ambience is great part of the terrifying experience. You could say that virtual reality as well as a peripheral, in terms of terror would be a separate genre, because it is very different to a Resident evil 1 that a fatal frame, we are speaking of the same gender in the background, survival horror, but focused in different forms, the first more insinuante, not so direct, more than management, the second more direct and more scares and the third that it would be be involved within that setting. Not the character or see a camera in first person on television or see scenarios prerenderizados but your character see what you are seeing. The "fourth wall" that the player always has counted and that in very few video games has been cut at specific moments with virtual reality would disappear or if more we would not be as a kind of Narrator omniscient, all she sees him and takes the decisions "in situ" in the place where the other characters are. This imminent E3 2016 already perhaps begin to see some of the great titles that come out for this generation in virtual reality and even this year, who knows if he has already begun working with some horror-themed title, what is clear is that it is a technology that is still by squeezing and that we will begin to give to immersive experiences In addition, must be calibrated in a correct way to sell and not to assume too much impact for people.

The horror genre: great candidate for virtual reality

Why can the horror genre be one of the best suited for this type of platform? Very simple, because it tends to be a genre which dominates the tranquility with tense moments, you don't have to make sharp turns, you have to solve puzzles and mysteries, try not to discover you and hide you, referring to video games where you can not defend and which observing your environment is crucial in order to survive. Video games that if we observe have become very frequent in recent times. It is not surprising that from now on forward let's look at large franchises suit his style of play with virtual reality. Can you imagine a Resident evil or a zombie virtual reality? It has to be one of the most incredible experiences and assume a player revolution. If the transition from 2D to 3D was an impact player, survival horror with virtual reality games must be a fully immersive experience, but we also have to implement a good gameplay, but surely there will be everything, video games that have a larger share of experience and others that have one part strong playable and perhaps impress us less. That will be longer, the future is already here and we will be the privileged that we can both live 2D, 3D experiences as of a gender virtual reality as it is terror. Each one different, but all amazing in themselves. If there is someone who thought that everything was invented not yet everything is invented, virtual reality will be a universe of experimentation in it comes to the world of terror and dip and will be fully complementary with the already seen until then. Only lack that leave games and big companies bet on improving the experience of uniting these two pillars: terror and virtual reality.

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