The Five Covens Trophy Guide

The Five Covens is a fun and very simple video game if you are looking to get all the trophies. There are no trophies that you can lose or trophies that you can get online, you just have to enjoy the game to get all the possible prizes. However, we are going to show you what they are and some keys to get them.

The Five Covens Main Trophies

There are a series of trophies in this game that are related to the story. To get the following ones, the most strategic thing to do will be to let your enemies take you down. These trophies are:


You will get this trophy if you let yourself be defeated by ghosts, you will have this opportunity in the first level of the game.

I don't like goblins

For this trophy you have to be defeated by goblins. This will happen during level 4 "Goblins" and in the "sub-level" before the final boss fight. At that point you will encounter these Goblin enemies.

Pringy Pringy

In this case you will be defeated by the slimes to get this trophy. You'll get it on level 3 "Cistern". You will have to perform a climb and jump on the circular platforms, before the latter you must place the main character near the edge and let them attack you.


To get this trophy you will have to let all enemies destroy you in a single game. When you get all the previous trophies, you will get this one.

The Five Covens non-damage trophies and collectibles

There are a few other trophies for which you won't have to let yourself be crushed by enemies and a few collectibles throughout the game. Finishing a game without taking damage isn't that easy, but it's perfectly achievable with a little attention. The trophies you'll earn are as follows:


In this case we go to the opposite: a trophy that is achieved by beating the entire game without taking a single hit. You can play at your leisure and enjoy it, you're more likely to fall on the platforms than be damaged by enemies.


You have to complete the game in 30 minutes to get this trophy. If you pause the game it won't count as added time, so you can do it without any problems.


In this case you will have to finish the game without dying. You can easily get it at the same time as Untouchable.

Deja vu

You will have to play a second full game to get this trophy.


To get this trophy you must throw 50 crates, you will find them in all levels and in great quantity.

Princess of Persia

You will have to freeze time 50 times to get this trophy. The ability to do this is obtained in levels 4 and 5 by collecting the scroll.


If you want to get this trophy you are going to have to learn Gaarth's story. In levels 1 to 5, in the corridors of the castle right where you find the skill scrolls, there you will have the chance to read Gaarth's story on the posters that are placed on the walls. There are a total of 10 posters that can be read simply by approaching them.


There are a total of 4 colored gems scattered throughout the different levels of the game that you will need to collect to get this trophy.

The Five Covens gems are as follows:

Green colored gem.

It is found in the initial level inside one of the cells.

Blue Gem

It is in level 6 "Orb". You will meet the raven before going up the stairs and he will tell you to explore the map before continuing up the stairs. You can get it in a box behind a "canopy".

Pink Gem

On level 7 "Gears", you will pick up 4 gears to operate the lever. It's in one of the rooms where you'll find a chest and this gem is inside.

Red gem

Once you have completed level 7, you will be near the final boss. The box with the gem is in this "sub-level" on top of a platform at the beginning.

The rest of the trophies in The Five Covens

The trophies mentioned above are the most important and now we will show you all the remaining ones:


Awarded for unlocking all the trophies.


You can get this trophy by completing level 1.

Spells, Potions and Sorcery

You can obtain this trophy by completing level 2.

Sticky Slugs

You can obtain this trophy by completing level 3.

A mead, please

You can obtain this trophy by completing level 4.

Just the right amount

You can obtain this trophy by completing level 5.

Universal Gravitation

You can obtain this trophy by completing level 6.

Tick Tock

You can obtain this trophy by completing level 7.

Knowledge Takes No Place

You will have to obtain all skills to get this trophy. There are a total of two of them:

Magic Shield

It will give you protection and can be found on levels 1 and 2. It's on the scroll in the castle's corridors.

Stop Time

This skill allows you to stop time for a few seconds. It is obtained on levels 4 and 5 in the same location.

Good aim!

This trophy is unlocked after you stun all the enemy Goblins that attack you, and it stacks over games, so you can do it later if you leave any behind.

Master Alchemist

You'll need to combine all the potions on the first try to get this trophy.


You'll have to put a crate in the cells for this trophy, it's very simple.

Never Again

You'll have to defeat Deon Kenot at the end of the game to get this trophy. It's pretty easy, as he'll initially throw fire boxes at you which you can throw back at him to weaken him. After that, just watch out for the areas of the ground that light you up, as they will damage you. Finally, protect yourself from the lightning bolts that the enemies will send at you with your shield and you'll defeat him.

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