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The Firemen it's a video game developed by Human Entertainment in 1994 for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the second game of this genre developed by the software house, which had already produced SOS, a game rather similar to The Firemen.

The Firemen was published in Europe, Australia and Japan, while a sequel called The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny appeared in 1995 for the Sony PlayStation. When a fire breaks out in the midst of an ongoing Christmas party at chemical company Microtech, the firefighters Pete and Daniel they intervene to rescue civilians, put out flames and move MLDs, highly flammable and potentially devastating chemicals. The protagonists of the game obviously use gods fire extinguishers capable of firing a direct jet or a less powerful cloud but with a wider range.

Fire extinguishers have no "ammunition" limit, while continuous fire extinguishers are limited, yes. Pete receives damage from fire and too much heat, and when his life bar is completely empty, the game is over. Saving civilians partially restores Pete's energy. Each level has a boss which needs a particular way to be turned off and therefore defeated. The player controls Pete, while his partner Daniel McClean acts as support and cannot take any damage.

To access the sound test press R, L, R, L, Y, X and A.

To unlock expert mode, press UP, DOWN, X, X, R, L and A.

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